18 Easy Summer Breakfast Recipes with Tomatoes

updated Jun 27, 2022
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breakfast grits in a bowl with toppings
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Jesse Szewczyk

I firmly believe that summer isn’t summer unless you’ve consumed your weight’s worth of tomatoes by the time the season is over. Daily caprese salads for lunch and fresh tomato-sauced pastas for dinner are a must to help you eat as many tomatoes as you can, but I also strongly believe that you shouldn’t hesitate to bring them to the breakfast plate as well. And this year, I say we make it the summer of breakfast tomatoes.

Bright, acidic tomatoes are the perfect counterpart to creamy scrambled eggs, which means adding them to your morning scramble or incorporating them into your hearty breakfast grain bowl is a no brainer. Juicy summer tomatoes are also a natural partner to avocado toast and breakfast bowls. A three-times-a-day tomato habit is something to be celebrated this time of the year! Here are 18 delicious ways to get your morning fill of juicy, sweet tomatoes.

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Scrambled Eggs with Lazy Salsa
If you’re getting a little bored of plain old scrambled eggs, here’s something to spice them up a bit.
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Easy Caprese Quiche
To avoid a watery quiche, you'll save the tomatoes until the very end and spoon them over top for an eye-catching, juicy tomato salad.
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Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Corn, Goat Cheese & Tomatoes
If your tomatoes aren't quite ripe yet, the oven will coax out their natural sweetness in this made-for-summer scramble.
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Mediterranean Breakfast Pitas
This protein-packed combination of egg and hummus is a surefire way to start your day on the right note.
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Blistered Tomato Toasts
These simple breakfast toasts are a must when you find yourself with a basket of riper cherry or grape tomatoes.
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Sheet-Pan "Half English" Breakfast
Here we present to you the hands-down easiest way to make a traditional English breakfast with a sheet pan.
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Eggs with Summer Tomatoes, Zucchini, and Bell Peppers
You'll need a two ripe tomatoes for this Basque-inspired summer breakfast. You can also skip the eggs and serve the jammy vegetables as a side dish or spooned over fish or chicken.
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Greek Scramble
Sweet cherry tomatoes, spinach, onion, and feta are the stars of this vegetarian scramble.
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Cheesy Grits with Fried Eggs and Bacon
These creamy, cheesy grits are topped with juicy burst tomatoes, smoky bits of crisp bacon, slices of ripe avocado, and a lacy sunny-side-up egg for the ultimate breakfast bowl at home.
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Upside-Down Tomato Corn Cake
When you’ve reached the point of salad fatigue and are looking for a way to make the most of sweet summer corn and juicy red tomatoes, look no further than this savory cake.
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Spinach Feta Breakfast Wraps
These simple summery wraps are one of our favorite ways to use up a small amount of cherry or grape tomatoes.
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Breakfast Salad with a Pizza Crust Waffle
It's hard to say no to a breakfast salad that involves a pizza waffle.
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Caprese Frittata Affogata
Affogata is the Italian word for "drowned," which is where the bright tomato sauce comes in: when poured overtop of the frittata, it seeps into the eggs just enough to keep them from drying out or over-cooking.
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Ratatouille Breakfast Skillet Strata
This strata is packed with summery vegetables, slices of sourdough bread, a simple egg-based custard, and a healthy sprinkling of cheese.
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Southwest Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
Make the quinoa mixture ahead of time so come breakfast all that's left to do is cook up a quick egg.
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Farmers Market Frittata
This built-for-summer frittata is studded with the rich, creamy tang of goat cheese and whatever you happen to tote home from the farmers market.
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Tomato Cobbler with Cornmeal-Cheddar Biscuits
Serve it on its own or with a yolky fried egg.
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Caprese Avocado Toast
While fat, round tomatoes and thick slices of mozzarella are the stars of caprese salad, think smaller when it comes to avocado toast.
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