15 Ways To Eat A Lovely Lunch

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Last week we rounded up 15 different ways to eat a beautiful breakfast and this week we’re back with highlights of mid-day meals found around Flickr. They all look great, but there’s one sandwich in particular that’s well, lets just say there’s raspberry jelly, bananas, corn flakes and pumpernickel bread. Curious?

Many of the meals listed below have additional information over at Flickr, so make sure to click over and check it out! One thing we did notice when searching for delicious looking lunches is that most people simply named their photo: Lunch. While that’s all fun and good, more people were creative with breakfast. Which one looks like it’s up your culinary alley? Let us know below!

First Row, Left To Right
Lunching With Blackmore from Flickr member rick
Mama’s Congee from Flickr member Sebastian Mary
Day 61:Lunch! from Flickr member QFamily
Sunday lunch: Antipasti from Flickr member Miss_yasmina
Lunch from Flickr member Madsboedker

Second Row, Left To Right
Pre SXSW Lunch from Flickr member philcampbell
Pulled Pork from Flickr member stevendepolo
Friday Lunch from Flickr member Runder
Lunch from Flickr member Flora
Tasty Lunch! from Flickr member Peter Kaminski

Third Row, Left To Right
Fresh Bread & Pate from Flickr member spbutterworth
Did Somebody Say Lunch-Off? from Flickr member Lachlan Hardy
Lunch from Flickr member Meneer Zjeroen
Lunch at Mitake from Flickr member jetalone
Tasty Lunch from Flickr member Steve_&_Jemma Copley

(Images: Flickr members as listed above, licensed for use under Creative Commons)