15 Unusual Things to Eat With Salsa

published Nov 8, 2011
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110811-salsa.jpg For the last several months I’ve had one staple in my diet. Call me boring, call me what you will, but I really love salsa. It can be chunky, it can be blended, it can be hot or just fresh and mild, it doesn’t much matter. I love them all. In fact, I love salsa so much I’ve eaten it with almost every meal recently. And did you know you can eat salsa with more than chips? Here are 15 things you may or may not have thought to try it out on!

Sure there’s your traditional fare of South American foods that are always better with a little salsa, but I’d like to talk about what’s in your refrigerator or heading to your table for normal meals. I love chunky salsa the most as it always feels like its own side dish instead of a condiment. Here’s what I’ve been eating it with:

1. Hummus
2. Pizza (as a topping or condiment)
3. Fish
4. Lettuce leaves (like a boat, or on a salad)
5. Eggs
6. Meatloaf (in it or on it)
7. Potatoes: baked, mashed, roasted, hash
8. Hot dogs
9. Steak
10. Noodles (cold or hot: angel hair, ramen)
11. Soup (chicken, tortilla, corn chowder)
12. Cream Cheese (heated and mixed in)
13. Grains (rice, farro, quinoa)
14. Pancakes (instead of syrup or mixed in the batter)
15. Corn bread (just mix it in the batter)

How do you eat your salsa? Share your methods in the comments below!