15 Important Recipes for People Obsessed with Melty Cheese

15 Important Recipes for People Obsessed with Melty Cheese

We're cheese devotees here at The Kitchn. There are few dishes that a sprinkling of cheddar or a dab of chèvre can't make better. And melty cheese? Well, that's the holy grail. From classic examples like a grilled cheese sandwich to fancier dishes like pink peppercorn-goat cheese spread, the options are endless — and delicious.

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1. Cheese-Stuffed Bread Sticks

What's the only thing better than a warm, freshly baked bread stick? One that's filled with cheese, of course. These easy bread sticks are made with pizza dough — store bought or homemade — and will become your go-to for pasta night.

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2. Cheesy Vegetarian Lasagna

A pan of veggie-filled lasagna is one of our favorite ways to put an abundance of fresh veggies to use. Plus, it's a great dish to make ahead and freeze for those nights when you can't face cooking.

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3. Scalloped Potatoes with Onions and Cheddar Cheese

The beauty of cheesy scalloped potatoes is that you can serve them any time of day. They pair perfectly with a scrambled or poached egg, can be served alongside a sandwich for lunch, and are guaranteed to be the star of the dinner table.

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4. How To Make the Best Cheesy Quesadillas

Making quesadillas seems easy, and it is once you get the right cheese-to-filling ratio, plus a pan-flipping technique that won't let you down. Follow this simple guide to make the best quesadilla of your life.

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5. Cheesy BBQ Chicken Calzone

If your only knowledge of calzones is the meaty, marinara sauce-filled Italian version, you're in for a delightful treat. Swap chicken for the cured meats and BBQ sauce for the marinara, and you have a backyard BBQ in a convenient, easy-t0-eat pocket.

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6. Cheesy Pizza Portobello Mushrooms

If you're looking for a way to shake up pizza night and make it feel a bit healthier, try making these portobello mushroom cap pizzas. You have all the saucy, cheesy goodness you love nestled in a mushroom cap.

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7. Apple and Cheese Stuffed Latkes

Latkes may be traditional for Hanukkah, but that doesn't mean we can't eat them at other times of the year — especially when they are stuffed with diced apples and shredded Gouda or cheddar cheese.

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8. Make-Ahead "Ham & Cheese" Breakfast Casserole

If you only master one brunch recipe, make it this one. No matter how many times you have the same repeat guests, this cheesy egg dish filled with pancetta and herbs will satisfy every time. Go ahead and make it your signature dish.

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9. How To Make a Grilled Cheese Sandwich

You've probably been making grilled cheese sandwiches since you were allowed to use the stove as a kid, but we've got some tips that will help you take your grilled cheese to the next level.

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10. How To Make Pizza Bites for a Crowd

Pizza bites are a good recipe to have in your back pocket. Keep some pizza dough, jarred marinara sauce, and cheese on hand and you can make this dish for an impromptu movie night or for unexpected guests.

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11. Pear and Blue Cheese Crostata

Melty cheese isn't just for savory dishes and this pear and blue cheese crostata proves it. It has the right mix of salty and sweet with a delightful pie-like crust. It's an easy dessert that looks incredibly impressive.

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12. How To Make Classic Baked Macaroni and Cheese

What would a collection of melty cheese recipes be without classic macaroni and cheese? Don't forget the bread crumbs in this recipe — they help form the perfect crunchy topping that really completes the dish.

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13. Beer Cheese Soup

If you want a recipe that's basically just a bowl of melty cheese, try making this beer cheese soup. If you've struggled to get perfectly creamy soup in the past, try this recipe, which relies on cream cheese to help reach the perfect consistency.

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14. Mini Polenta Grilled Cheese Bites with Marinara

If you want to try a fancy twist on your traditional grilled cheese, swap out the bread for polenta rounds, which make for a deliciously melty appetizer — especially when served with homemade marinara. And bonus: They're gluten-free.

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15. Pink Peppercorn Goat Cheese Spread & Olives

You might not think to eat goat cheese warm, but this spread will definitely change your mind. Pair the pink peppercorn-studded spread with an array of toasts or crackers, and you'll have a crowd-pleasing appetizer.

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