15 Hearty Salads You Can Call Breakfast

updated May 1, 2019
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If you love a hearty, savory, vegetable-forward breakfast, then you might want to consider the somewhat-novel notion of a salad for breakfast. Yes, we said salad. Read on for 15 reasons why this makes total, delicious sense.

On the Concept of Salad for Breakfast

Need a little more convincing on the salad-for-breakfast front? It might be hard to think of prioritizing greens over a croissant, but a salad can be a warm and satisfying way to start your day. Read two takes on why the breakfast salad works.

With its runny egg and chunks of crispy bacon, this salad doesn’t take you too far from those tried-and-true breakfast staples. Just add crunchy, peppery croutons and a bright vinaigrette, and toss with ribbons of kale and radicchio. A perfect breakfast!

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Do you think a good peanut butter dressing draped over broccoli slaw and crispy baked tofu sounds like a bowlful of heaven? Then this salad is for you. It’s perfect for breakfast because everything can be made in advance and then tossed together in the morning for a quick, flavorful, hearty way to start the day.

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In Korea, kimchi is a breakfast food, and for good reason! Spicy fermented foods are a great way to wake up and get going. Here, in this salad from chef April Bloomfield, kimchi, radishes, and sesame seed dressing are tossed with crunchy lettuce for a flavor-packed salad experience.

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Warm grains in the morning are comforting, but instead of covering them with sweet maple syrup, why not toss them with roasted beets and feta? The beets can be roasted in advance and gently warmed with the greens before tossing. Or the whole salad can be made a day or two before and warmed up quickly and easily.

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Fruit salad for breakfast is a no-brainer. Whether you eat it as is, drizzle it with yogurt, spoon it over ricotta, or mix it into your granola, fruit and breakfast will always be a happy pairing!

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Sea vegetables for breakfast is not so unusual if you’ve been to Japan or are a fan of Japanese food. Here, the addition of popped amaranth and sesame seeds add a pleasing crunch.

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Another kale and grain salad — this time with the addition of chickpeas. Pop a fried egg on it and you have a perfect breakfast that’s full of protein and lots of get-to-it vitamins for a busy day.

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Egg salad on toast is an obvious salad-for-breakfast combo. So go ahead and do that, but next time sneak a little avocado and fresh basil into the mix to really bump up the flavor and texture. A nice bread for the toast doesn’t hurt, either.

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Another fruit salad, but this one has an unusual twist: the addition of chaat masala. Chaat masala is a spice mix that usually contains a blend of amchoor (or green mango powder), cumin, coriander, and ginger. It also contains black salt, a pungent and strong salt that adds the characteristic chaat taste.

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Green and yellow beans, canned kidney beans, couscous, and lots of fresh herbs make this a refreshing salad that would bring a smile to your morning. Missing more protein? Grate a hard-boiled egg over the top.

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Packing in some vegetables at breakfast is a great way to assure you’re getting in your five-a-day requirement. This delicata salad is tossed with walnuts, apple, cabbage, and quick-pickled red onion dressing, all which can be made in advance.

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Chewy barley, charred veg, savory mushrooms, and a runny egg. What a perfect savory breakfast combination! The Parmesan adds a nice, cheesy background flavor. All elements can be made in advance and heated up last minute for your morning breakfast pleasure.

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While all fruits salads are sweet and refreshing, most won’t keep you satisfied until lunch. This one will, however, since it’s full of hearty whole grains in addition to plenty of juicy fruit.

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Feel free to make a batch of these easy waffles, made with pizza dough, ahead of time, and simply rewarm them in the toaster as you need them.

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While this recipe may have “summer” in the title, there’s no reason to reserve it for one season of the year. The warm apple cider vinaigrette makes it a perfect choice all year long — just swap in chunks of apples or citrus wedges when you can’t get your hands on blueberries.