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14 Fun Tree Ornaments for Food Lovers

updated Nov 30, 2022
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Best food ornaments
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We’re of the mindset that Christmas tree ornaments should display what you’re most passionate about — and for us, that’s obviously cooking and food. No matter if you’re on Team Real Tree or Team Faux Tree, decorating an evergreen with mini versions of your favorite dishes, ingredients, and even kitchen tools is both fun and festive — and we’ve curated the best ones that bring on all the holiday cheer.

Whether you’re looking to deck the halls with boughs of biscuits, bottles of Hidden Valley, or the tiniest stand mixer we’ve ever seen, you’ll definitely have one of the most unique trees this season. Think of these as gifts for your tree — we’ve got plenty of actual gift ideas here for everyone on your list, but your tree deserves something special, too!

Here, you’ll find our favorite food ornaments for your tree this year. Fair warning, though — you might get hungry after scrolling through!

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Sur La Table
was $18.00

One of our favorite appliances is the KitchenAid stand mixer, and now it comes in a mini version just for your Christmas tree. While not branded as a KitchenAid, this glass ornament is an ode to the countertop mixer we all know, love, and totally recognize even without a logo. It even features glitter to add the twinkle you’re looking for in holiday decor.

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This vintage glass set is inspired by the classic combination of milk and donuts. Featuring a half-dozen assorted donuts and a carton of milk, this pair of ornaments will resonate with dessert- and breakfast-lovers alike.

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Butter is a staple for any home cook or baker, and this ornament is a festive version of our favorite ingredient. Perfect for anyone who cooks, it’s sure to be a fun and humorous addition to any tree. Plus, the ornament features a sparkly red butter knife for a pop of color.

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Sur La Table
was $35.00

Whether you’re the person who sneaks a deviled egg off the tray before your holiday meal, or the one who spent the day whipping together this fan-favorite side dish, this kitschy ornament is for you. It features a red tray topped with lifelike deviled eggs, and even has tiny specks of paprika on each egg.

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was $21.99

Grill masters, rejoice! This ornament features a glittery replica of a grilling station, complete with knobs and side tables, as well as the under-grill storage cabinet. It’s a great holiday decoration for any barbecue-lover in your life.

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Sur La Table
was $40.00

Who doesn't love a charcuterie board? It's easy to prepare and it's always a crowd-pleaser — and the latter goes for this fun ornament. The "board" is complete with cheese, meats, fruits, and even olives so it's basically the real deal in ornament form. This also makes for a great hostess gift, who's likely serving up a charcuterie board during their party.

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Serious ranch connoisseurs are brand-loyal, and for those who prefer Hidden Valley to any other dressing, we’ve found your perfect ornament. No matter if you’re mixing your own homemade salad dressing or if you always stock a bottle in your fridge, this mini bottle ornament is a statement piece for anyone who loves ranch.

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Fans of the Pioneer Woman will love these itty-bitty kitchen tools, all decked out in Ree Drummond's festive, old-school patterns. This set of four ornaments comes with a measuring cup, a rolling pin, and two spatulas. Plus, they come in life-size versions for those wanting to upgrade their bakeware tools, too.

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Urban Outfitters

A perfect short stack if we've ever seen one. Featuring three golden-brown pancakes on a red plate topped with maple syrup, this breakfast staple belongs on your Christmas tree — and on your kitchen table.

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Bergdorf Goodman

This bright-red cocktail shaker ornament is for those who often turn their kitchen counter into a home bar. While it can’t actually shake up a martini, it’s certain to bring holiday cheer. Plus, if you’re looking for a realistic version to add to your barware, we’ve got recommendations for that, too.

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Whether you’re a fan of Chip and Joanna Gaines or just celebrating your love for a flaky Southern staple, this buttermilk biscuit ornament is exactly what your tree needs. Sadly, it’s not edible, but it's a realistic fresh-from-the-oven biscuit that’s perfect for any baker’s holiday decor.

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Jam is the arguably the best addition to any biscuit, and this adorable ornament looks just like a jar of the homemade stuff. This vintage-inspired ornament features a checkered red and white cloth, and is embellished with a cute “You’re my jam" sticker, which makes it a great gift or stocking stuffer for someone special.

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World Market

A good toaster is an underrated kitchen appliance, but for those who appreciate a crunchy piece of toast, this is the ornament for your tree. The glass decoration features a two-slice toaster with sandwich bread peeking out, and is cute enough to make you crave some, well, toast.

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Salt and pepper belong in just about every dish, so it's only fair that they should also belong on every home cook's Christmas tree. This glass ornament set boasts two realistic shakers, both filled with glitter to mimic the seasonings and will add a little bit of extra shimmer to your tree, too.