15 Existential Questions We Have About This Belle Statue Made Out of Peeps

updated May 1, 2019
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I have something very scary to show you and I’m very sorry in advance. Someone decided it was a good idea to make a statue of Disney Princess Belle constructed entirely out of Peeps, a decidedly awful and sticky candy. There are 1,500 Peeps that make up this freaky statue. Belle was created for the Carroll County Art Council‘s 10th Anniversary PEEPshow, and it’s currently in 10th place (a Pikachu statue is currently in first.)

In order to wrap our heads around this thing, we have questions that need answers.

1. Just like, why?

2. I don’t get it?

3. Like, what?

4. How quickly will this go stale?

5. How heavy is this thing?

6. Where’s the Beast? Chip and Mrs. Pots?

7. How does Gaston feel about this?

8. But like, will she melt?

9. Is it solid peeps or was it built on a frame?

10. How yellow and sticky did the builder’s hands get? Gross.

11. How do we erase this image from our minds?

12. Were any Peeps harmed in the making of this statue?

13. Where did you find gray Peeps?

14. Approximately how many peeps were consumed while making this?

15. Again: Why?