15 Dining Rooms with Brilliantly Colorful Chairs

(Image credit: Bright Bazaar)

Dinner Week at The Kitchn wouldn’t be complete without a look at the dining room. Whether you rent or own, the dining room can occasionally end up being one of the more boring rooms in the house. But it is also one of the easiest places to add color with very little risk.

As these 15 colorful dining areas show, using colorful chairs (and a few colorful tables) is an easy way to punch up the fun in your home. And since many of these are chairs that have been painted, it’s easy to repaint if you change your mind later on.

  • Rainbow Bentwood Chairs – The Design Files: Bentwood chairs are one of our favorites in the dining room, and you can find them in almost any color imaginable. We love how bright and cheerful this breakfast nook is.
  • Bright Blue Legs – Design*Sponge: Your chairs don’t have to be a solid color. We love this contemporary take on mid-century modern with a classic design and bright blue chair legs.
  • Colorful Upholstery – Apartment Therapy: The mix of styles and colors of these chairs is the perfect way to brighten up a sleek white room.
  • Pretty Pastels – Lolly Jane: Turn boring dining chairs into something special with a few coats of pastel paint. We love the range of colors, but a single color would work just as well.
  • Beach-Inspired – The Decorologist: Use mismatched chairs painted in coordinating colors to create a pulled-together dining room, like the one in this beach-inspired home.
(Image credit: French By Design)
  • Vintage Molded Plastic Chairs – French by Design: Mix and match different colors of the classic molded plastic chair. It makes it easier to take advantage of a good deal if you’re not trying to match a specific color.
  • Citrus Hued – Bhavin Taylor Design: What better color scheme for a kitchen dining table than bright citrus hues? We love the mix of colors in this London apartment.
  • Bright Yellow Mismatched – A Beautiful Mess: Another way to use mismatched chairs is to paint them all in one single color. We love the bold, bright yellow in this dining room. If the color is too overwhelming, consider painting just the chairs at the head of your table a bright color and choose a neutral for the all the others.
  • Wire Chairs – ChrDAUER Architects: If you want to add color, but don’t want to overwhelm your space with it, try using bright wire chairs. They have just enough color to keep your dining area from being boring, but not too much that they are jarring.
  • Paint Dipped Bentwood Chairs – The Kitchn: This is definitely one of our favorite ways to add a bit of color to your dining room. Plus, it’s an easy way to use up leftover paint or make use of those small sample-size containers.
(Image credit: Better Homes & Gardens)
  • Colorful Collection – Rikki Snyder Photography: We love all the colors happening in this dining space. To keep things from feeling too jumbled, try matching color families. The chairs are painted in mostly cool colors, while the lanterns bring in warmer hues.
  • Multicolored – Bright Bazaar: You don’t have to stick to just one color per chair, as this dining room from the cover of Will Taylor’s book shows. Try mixing it up with different colored legs and seats.
  • Simple Monochrome – Better Homes & Gardens: Sometimes simple is best. We love that this homeowner stuck with one bright green shade and added other colors in the artwork.
  • Bold Contrast – Larnie Nicolson: Go big or go home. That motto is perfectly embodied in this bright dining room. It might not be for everyone, but we love the contrasting pink and yellow of the dining set.
  • Vintage Finds – Apartment Therapy: Occasionally, you’ll get lucky and find bright vintage chairs with the perfect amount of wear and tear, just like this couple did. We’re big fans of the tomato red color, too.