15 Delicious Gifts from Your Kitchen

updated May 2, 2019
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One blessing in having such an early Thanksgiving this year is that it gets us into the holiday spirit with a little more time to spare for planning and making gifts. Now that Thanksgiving is over, it’s a good time to look ahead to those warm little gifts from the kitchen that are so appreciated by friends, coworkers, teachers, and party hosts. If you’re looking for some inspiration for these edible gifts, then we’ve got you covered. Here are 15 of our all-time most popular homemade gifts, from the best chai mix, to homemade doggie treats, to granola, to beer and pretzel marshmallows. (Yes!) There’s a simple, delicious liqueur, and homemade flavored salts. Read on for these and more — each a tasty, simple gift from the kitchen.

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• 1 How to Make Flavored Salts – Package in a pretty jar with a tag suggesting uses (citrus salt for margaritas, lavender salt for finishing brownies, herbed salt for popcorn…).
• 2 Homemade Vinaigrette – Ideas here for flavors and packaging. This makes a terrific hostess gift.

• 3 Homemade Doggie Treats – The perfect gift for your friends with pups.

• 4 Homemade Cocktail Mixers – Gift a bottle of cranberry-clove syrup with a bottle of Prosecco. Very festive!
• 5 DIY Cider Mulling Spices – Little sachets of mulling spices are a welcome treat, especially when gifted with a jug of local cider.
• 6 Malted Cocoa Mix from Alton Brown – A simple gift, dressed up a bit with malt powder.
• 7 Chai Tea Mix – Dana gave me a little jar of this a couple years ago and it was seriously one of the best chai mixes I’ve ever had.
• 8 Homemade Milk Liqueur – Milk liqueur? Sounds strange, but is so tasty and delicious! Also, easy. Also, quick.
• 9 How to Make Kombucha Tea at Home – A big batch of homemade kombucha is a fun gift for the kombucha-lovers in your life. Maybe tarted up with a cranberry tea?

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• 10 Chocolate-Dipped Beer Marshmallows with Crushed Pretzel Garnish – Beer marshmallows with pretzels. Yeah, they’re good.
• 11 Skillet Toffee – A classic, beloved toffee recipe.
• 12 Caramel Lollipops – I like making these for an after-dinner holiday treat.
• 13 Savory Spiced Pecans – A solid recipe to make in huge batches for gifts and appetizers.
• 14 Homemade Cracker Jacks – A big box of Cracker Jack popcorn in a gold tin would make a fun hostess present.
• 15 How To Make Great Granola Every Time – Granola is easy to make in big batches and pleases everyone from coworkers to school teachers.

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