15 Clever Things Your Dream Kitchen Would Have

updated May 5, 2022
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Do you have frequent, wild fantasies about redoing your kitchen? Welcome to the club! Here are 15 clever details you’ll probably want to add to your wish list — in a perfect, budget-less world.

1. Built-in, pull-out cutting boards

While totally necessary, cutting boards are often some of the most difficult tools to store. What if you could steal this idea from Residence Magazine (via Nordicspace) and have special slots under your countertop for them to slide into? Right?

2. A pull-out cutting board with trash chute

Even better, what if the cutting board was a pull-out drawer with a hole that lead to the trash can underneath? It would make sweeping away scraps super easy.

3. A pull-out table

If you’re noticing a trend here, the idea of stuff that pulls or slides out is super appealing. This table — spotted on BHG — pulls out from under the island to provide more counter space when needed.

4. Corner drawers

Forget the lazy Susan — outfit your corner cabinets with drawers instead. This setup from Glenvale Kitchens (via Houzz) allows cooks to reach everything in there. Even the stuff in the way back.

5. A pull-out knife block

A lot of people like to keep their spices and oils in this narrow space next to the stove, but the heat from oven can actually ruin those ingredients. This pull-out knife block —from Signature Design & Cabinetry — is better use of the space.

6. A drawer for the trash

A cabinet with built-in spots for trash and recycling frees up floor space in the kitchen and gets the ugly stuff out of sight. Bonus points if there’s room to store trash bags, too. This setup from Mullet Cabinet (via Houzz) sure is nice!

7. And drawers for plates

Kitchen drawers with reposition-able pegs make it easy to access plates, bowls, and mugs. And you can rearrange the pegs as your dinnerware collection grows or changes. We love this example — with transparent glass sides — from Divine Design + Build.

8. A hidden spice cabinet

This kitchen, spotted on Traditional Home, has a sliding panel that reveals hidden spice storage.

9. A china cabinet with pull-out shelves

The only thing better than a pantry with pull-shelves? A china cabinet with pull-0ut shelves! Because dishes can be cumbersome to move around. This example from Heather Bullard proves that moveable shelves are a must-have.

10. A custom spice drawer

If you don’t have room to make that hidden spice cabinet (see number 8!) then this idea, from This Old House, might be a good backup option for you. A custom drawer insert makes all your spices easy to spot at a glance.

11. Cabinet cubbies

Organized kitchens always have structure. While you’ll need some basic cabinets with just a few shelves, a couple of cubbies are never a bad idea. You can use them to stash cookie sheets, cheese boards, and more. This example, from Vita Ranunkler, features cookbooks and linens.

12. An appliance garage

Who doesn’t want a custom cabinet where the microwave, blender, coffee maker, and other small appliances can be tucked away? This kitchen comes from BHG and you can find more examples here.

13. Drawers with storage for dry goods

If you bake a lot, you’ll want to steal this idea from Maison & Demeure. You can store flour, sugar, and more in canisters and then just scoop out what you need, as you need it.

14. Bonus storage on the side of an island

You’d kill to have an island in the first place, right? This is your fantasy we’re talking about here, so we’ll go a step further and point out the fact that this one — from BHG — has bonus shelves on the side for a little extra storage.

15. A coffee station

A custom cabinet just for coffee? Sign us up. This one comes from Eastburn Woodworks in Pensacola, Florida, and we want the exact same setup with a pull-out drawer and retractable door.

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