15 Beautifully Organized Kitchen Cabinets (and Tips We Learned from Each)

updated May 2, 2019
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Yesterday we showed you 20 super organized kitchens, most of which featured open shelving. Although the principles are the same whether you have open shelving or cabinets — group similar items together, swap packaging for containers, have a place for everything — today we thought we’d prove that by showing you 15 organized kitchen cabinets, and the tips we learned from each.

  • Via Chez Larsson: Label all containers and use a lazy Susan for spices.
  • Via Better Homes & Gardens: Give small appliances their own special storage place with pull-out cabinet drawers.
  • Via Better Homes & Gardens: Store pantry staples in jars and neatly stack dry goods to keep cabinets in tip-top shape.
  • Via Better Homes & Gardens: Use large baskets to corral small packaged goods to keep the cabinet from feeling too cluttered.
  • Via Mini Manor Blog: Pull-out drawers are wonderful for organizing pots and pans.
  • Via Mrs. January: Identically sized storage containers make this cabinet look neater and more streamlined.
  • Via The Potters Place: Group like items together, and store baking pans on the side to save room.
  • Via Not Just a Housewife: Reusable chalkboard labels like these make it easy to keep track of what’s stored in your pantry.
  • Via Real Simple: Create more room in your cabinets by hanging mugs from hooks and using a wire shelf or two to stack dishes.
  • Via I Heart Organizing: Low on space? Store spices in small containers on the inside of a cabinet door …
  • Via Real Simple: … or store them in a drawer!
  • Via I Heart Organizing: Label bins by their purpose (i.e., storing snacks, bread, or onions and potatoes).
  • Via Tater Tots & Jello: Divide your cabinets by usage, with the lesser-used items near the top (harder to get to) and your most-used items on the bottom.
  • Via Houzz: If you have the space, keep all your small electrics stored together and lined up in a row on your cabinet shelf.
  • Via A Beautiful Mess: Even if your dishes are stored behind doors, give them a little glam treatment by painting the inside cabinets.
  • It just goes to show that even though you might have a door to keep everything hidden, there’s no reason the insides of your cabinets can’t be as neat and organized as if they were on full display.

    Originally published 4.16.2014