15 Baking Recipes for a Baking Pro

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

‘Tis the season for baking! While many of you, myself included, are whipping up batch after batch of cookies this month, it’s always fun to take a break and do something a little more hands-on. The extra time and effort is well worth the reward. So dig in and make one of these 15 recipes perfect for the baking pro, including flaky croissants for the morning, soft pretzels for an afternoon snack, or a sticky-sweet honey-apple layer cake for dessert.

Cheesecake & Cake

Sometimes the effort and talent to make a world-class dessert comes in the form of patience. All the cakes in this list require that as an ingredient. So set aside a weekend, pick up your favorite apron, and get ready to spend the day in the kitchen.

Pie & Pavlova

Some might say that crust is the most challenging part of making a pie, but it’s more a factor of practice and time. So set yourself up for a success with a long afternoon made for baking and give any one of these stunning desserts a try.

Breakfast Pastries

Pastry-making is a technique-driven process that requires the cook to spend some time familiarizing themselves with the recipe before heading into the kitchen. With the right recipe, even those newer to baking can find success. The first step is to thoroughly read the recipe. Warm, buttery croissants await you!


Nothing say baking pro like nailing a loaf of bread. Here are three really great places to start.