15 Adorable Pets Who Make Their Kitchen a Happier Place

(Image credit: Gregor Torrence)

The kitchen is the heart of the home and cooking for your family or loved ones is a feeling second to none. But there’s another member of the household who is also often happy to be in the kitchen — and that’s your four-legged friend.

Here are 15 of the cutest furry faces that have shown up in our real-life kitchen tours over the years! We think pets like these in the kitchen make it a happier place to be; here’s why.

Pets in the kitchen can just make it a happier place, plain and simple.

It’s something that can’t really be grasped until you’ve had those little eyes staring back up at you waiting for you to accidentally drop a morsel of food, but pets in the kitchen help make it a space that’s constantly in motion. It’s alive and breathing. Maybe it’s the agile fling of a thin cat body who hurls herself onto the counter to insist on being fed before you even consider breakfast, or the dog who checks out every last spot on the floor to determine if it’s edible with loud snorting. A pet knows that the kitchen is the heart of all things delicious, and it can remind you to get back in there already.

There’s something about having a companion during long recipe testing or a friend to keep you company while the rest of the family is off doing other things, but pets always have your back! Sure, they get under your feet and leave bits of fur to be swept for later, but their warmth and energy, their love and compassion is always welcome in our kitchen.

Do you agree? Would you rather your kitchen be pet free and keep them lounging in the living room instead? Let us know in the comments below!