14 Pinterest Accounts to Follow If You Love Baking

published Apr 28, 2015
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Are you in a committed relationship with your KitchenAid stand mixer? Are you the proud owner of an embarrassing amount of sprinkles? Is your oven on during the hottest months of summer? Then feast your eyes on these 14 accounts on Pinterest.

Not all of these pinners are food bloggers – some just have a knack for collecting the very best and beautiful things on the Internet. Others are dedicated bakers and pin all of their own gorgeous photography. Either way, cookies, cakes, and muffins alike are waiting for you – so let’s have at ’em.

Are you ready for lots of sprinkles, marzipan, and gorgeous cakes? This is the person you want to follow. So many photos to choose from; which one will you pin first? Make sure to follow the boards (my name is yeh), sugar, and if only I was barbie.

You probably already see Averie Sunshine’s baked goods all over Pinterest as it is, so you might as well follow her for the inside scoop. She has lots of great long, gorgeous pins of breads and cinnamon rolls.

If I see this lemon blueberry cake from Sally’s Baking Addiction in my Pinterest stream one more time, I might just have to make it. Seriously – the thing is everywhere. You might as well be getting all this from the source.

Izy of Top with Cinnamon has tons of great ideas in her food boards, including a board with her own recipes. She also has a lot of food styling boards, including this great one on cookies.

Naomi of Bakers Royale has a great Pinterest account full of her own recipes, and recipes from other bloggers. Her cake board has close to 3,000 pins right now, and her cookie board has over 1,000. All great photography.

There’s a lot of variety on this Pinterest account. With over 50,000 pins, there are plenty of baked goods, including a board dedicated to gluten-free recipes (300 pins!).

The majority of the boards on this Pinterest account are related to baking. With over 35,000 pins, you can just imagine the pies, cakes, and cookies that await you.

All of these boards from Tessa are light, bright, and full of delicious desserts. Prepare yourself for lots of buttercream and gorgeous tarts.

This pinner doesn’t have a ton of pins compared to everyone else, but her food boards are still packed with good things. I especially love the board with her own food photography, call me cupcake. It kinda looks more like artwork than something you’d want to eat.

This pinner has a very distinct style when it comes to everything she pins. It’s clean, minimal, and always beautiful. She has a ton of boards dedicated to food, but especially baked goods. Don’t miss out on the limOne and cherryberry boards.

This 17-year-old pinner is really into baking apparently, and she has great taste. Basically any kind of baked good your heart could ever want has its own separate board.

There’s a whole board dedicated to just straight-up baking that has more than 1,600 pins. Then there are more boards dedicated to just cupcakes and pie. Prepare your eyes for the sugar rush.

The Bojon Gourmet describes herself as a “recovering pastry chef,” but she still has a bunch of gorgeous boards centered around baking. You don’t want to miss her sweet or rhubarb boards.

This blogger has a wide range of boards on her account, but if you just want to stick to baking, you don’t want to miss The Sugar Hit! board and her Gorgeous Sweets board. Both will help induce your desired sugar coma.