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13 Wrapping Papers That Will Make Loved Ones Hungry

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)

If you’ve always been ambivalent about wrapping paper, snatching up whatever rolls are the cheapest at your local CVS around the holidays, we totally get it. You might change your tune, though, once you’ve seen some of this food-themed wrapping paper.

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Whether you’re giving food-related gifts or you’re just excited to see someone’s face when you present them with a box emblazoned with sushi, food-themed wrapping paper is guaranteed to make whatever gift you’re giving look good enough to eat.

  1. Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper, $20 at Gift Couture: Wrap six gifts and make a full burger, or, if you’re not feeling so generous, split it up — wrapping your vegetarian friend’s gift in the lettuce paper and your carnivore friend’s gift in the burger patty paper.
  2. Sugar & Spice, $15 at Minted: You can personalize these sheets with your favorite (not-so-secret) cookie recipe.
  3. Holiday Cupcakes Wrap, $7 at Snow & Graham: These cupcakes provide a whimsical twist on boring red-and-green Christmas wrapping paper.
  4. Sushi Gift Wrap, $15 at Spoonflower: Perfect gift wrapping for the friend who has the number to her local sushi joint memorized.
  5. Cooking Utensils Wrapping Paper, $8 at Paula & Waffle: Epicurean and classy, your mom will love it.
  6. Macaron Gift Wrap, $14 at Norman’s Printery: Because macarons are basically every girl’s obsession, use this wrapping paper at your own peril — if she opens the box and there are no macarons inside, you may be in for it.
  7. Pizza Wrapping Paper, $8 at Paper Supply Station: Save your dough and dress up an inexpensive gift with this pizza wrapping paper.
  8. Potato Latkes Gift Wrap, $8 at Mr. Boddington’s Studio: Your Jewish grandmother will kvell over this latke-themed gift wrap, complete with a recipe. (It’s not as good as her recipe, but it’s not like she’s planning on sharing that with anyone anyway, right?).
  9. Steak Wrapping Paper, $20 at Gift Couture: The perfect wrapping paper for the meat-lover in your life; it even comes with a layer of butcher paper to make the whole package look more realistic.
  10. Fast Food Wrapping Paper, $6 at Wrap Magazine Shop: Something about this wrapping paper makes us think of the ’90s, and in this case that’s a good thing. Save the scraps for summer birthday presents.
  11. Pigs & Pork Wrapping Paper, $6 at Wrap Magazine Shop: Everything’s better with bacon. That goes for presents, too.
  12. Swiss Cheese Wrapping Paper, $15 at Spoonflower: Planning on giving someone a cheesy gift? Make it even cheesier with this Swiss cheese wrapping paper.
  13. Donut Wrapping Paper, $15 at Spoonflower: Whether you’re giving a gift to Homer Simpson or just someone with an insane sweet tooth, this donut wrapping paper is sure to be appreciated.