13 Pinterest Accounts to Follow for Inspiring Vegetarian Food

updated May 30, 2019
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Do you get giddy at the thought of summer produce? Can you open your fridge and see all colors of the rainbow? Does the idea of sprialized vegetable noodles make you feel all warm inside? If so, I’ve got a treat for you.

Whether you’re vegetarian or just pro-vegetable, these 13 Pinterest accounts will have you knee-deep in gorgeous photos and recipes including greens, beans, and seasonal produce. Not all of these Pinners are strict vegetarians, but their pins are definitely vegetable-laden and full of inspiration.

If you want beautiful bowls full of greens and chickpeas, or a board dedicated to pretty breakfast items, then this is the Pinner you need to follow.

There are tons of beautiful photos in the taste test board as well as this blogger’s own personal recipe board. So many green things to be had!

If you love big, bright, saturated photos of vegetarian food, then this is the girl you need to follow. She’s also part of a great shared board about salads.

There’s currently only one board out of 72 that doesn’t revolve around great vegetarian photos and recipes. Erin knows what’s up when it comes to beautiful vegetables.

This account isn’t just about vegetarian food – it’s also mostly vegan and gluten-free. Don’t miss out on the great lunch options board.

Gorgeous, moody photos await you if you follow this Pinterest user. I especially love the table board which has a lot of inspiring photos.

This account doesn’t have as many pins compared to the rest, but the recipes she does pin are top-shelf. I love her personal recipe board with the text overlays. It’s kinda Pinterest heaven.

Jerry’s Pinterest account is full of fun, vegetable-forward boards, including a board dedicated soley to pizza (important) and another board about easy vegetarian recipes.

I like how this Pinner organizes her boards. She starts with her own blog photos, moves on to design, and then has a slew of “edible” boards with lots of gorgeous photos.

You know you need another reminder about how beautiful and delicious-lookin’ 101 Cookbooks’ recipes are, right? Follow her personal blog board.

Looking for new vegetarian spring recipes? Then you need to follow this Pinner’s beautifully curated spring board. So many veggies I can’t even handle it.

The majority of this Pinner’s boards are food, with a special attention to food styling. She’s not 100% vegetarian, but a lot of the food she pins is vegetable-heavy. Don’t miss out on the fruits and vegetables board.

This Pinner has an entire board dedicated to vegetarian recipes. There’s not a wimpy salad in sight – so go forth and feast!