13 Important Kinds of Burger Swag Found on Etsy

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s loving food, and then there is really loving food, and burgers can often fall into the later category. If you go on Etsy and do a quick search for “burgers” a lot of strange, and mostly delightful things pop-up, including detailed jewelry, clothes, cell phone cases, and even bars of soap. 

I particularly enjoy the crochet cowl that looks like a burger – definitely strange, but also delicious? Maybe you just have to really love burgers. Is there any kind of food or dish you would proudly wear or carry around? 

First Row
1. Burger Earrings – mousemarket
2. Burger Crochet Cowl – Gitanaflipflops
3. Burger Bib – StitchSewing
4. Burger Coasters – stringgle
5. Burger Soap – LoveLeeSoaps

Second Row
6. Burger Necklace – BabyLovesPink
7. Burger Pillow – girlwithapurl
8. Burger Bangles – HustleAndSewShop
9. Burger Cufflinks – Cuffit
10. Burger Coin Case – chiztom

Third Row
11. Burger Onesie – lynleameisner
12. Burger Keychain – chunkymunkyco
13. Burger Phone Case – Blackhawkshop

(Images: as linked)