12 One-Ingredient Ways to Jazz Up Plain Yogurt

updated Oct 16, 2020
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A cup of yogurt is always an easy choice for a quick breakfast or snack, but after a while it starts to lose its sparkle. Sure, you can mix up the flavors and swap out Greek for Icelandic, but eventually you need more. Don’t just kick your cup-a-day habit completely — instead, look to easy one-ingredient upgrades that you may already have in your kitchen.

Sweet & Savory Upgrades from Your Pantry

I am not just talking about sprinkling a little granola into your cup — these are next-level upgrades that are no less difficult. You probably already have many of them on hand and just might not have thought to stir them into your yogurt cup. Don’t limit your options to sweet ones — savory toppings really mix things up and are guaranteed to have you see yogurt in a whole new, delicious light.

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1. Any and All Jam

From simple strawberry to golden apricot, jam is a staple upgrade for yogurt. It instantly transforms plain yogurt into fruit-flavored yogurt, and if you hide it in the bottom of your cup, you just made your own fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt.

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2. Toasted Coconut Chips

Toasted coconut chips add crunch and natural sweetness to your cup of yogurt. Plus, they make it feel like a tropical escape — especially when added to lemon- or pineapple-flavored yogurt.

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3. Cocoa Roasted Almonds

Regular roasted almonds will obviously do the job too, but if you’re going to toss them in, you might as well make them the cocoa powder-dusted ones — just for good measure.

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4. Orange Flower Water

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bought a bottle

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5. Pesto

Pesto lends a garlicky, herby punch to plain yogurt when swirled in. It also adds a pretty green hue to the cup that’s unexpected but surprisingly satisfying.

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6. Roasted Veggies

Gather any leftover roasted veggies you have from dinner last night and plop them right into your cup of plain yogurt. Yes, that can be breakfast, but it can also be lunch.

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7. Crushed Granola Bar

Consider this yogurt + granola 2.0. Smash up a granola bar (you know the one we’re talking about) and sprinkle it over your yogurt to hack those big granola clusters you crave but rarely get from a bag.

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8. Pickled Beets

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9. Caramel Sauce

Swirl a bit of caramel sauce into any flavor of yogurt and you just took it into dessert territory. It’s also great for those mid-afternoon moments when you have a serious sweet tooth.

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10. Wasabi Peas

Sprinkle in some heat and crunch to your cup with wasabi peas. Cool, creamy plain yogurt is a welcome contrast to their spicy bite.

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11. Chocolate or Rainbow Sprinkles

If you, like me, grew up in the 90s and were never allowed to get those yogurt cups that came with sprinkles, this one is for you. Sprinkle in a little chocolate or rainbow sprinkles because your parents aren’t watching and, yes, you’re an adult now.

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12. Cracker Jacks

Are caramel-coated peanuts and popcorn good in yogurt? Of course! Cracker Jacks are particularly great in a vanilla-flavored cup where, like caramel sauce, it basically doubles as dessert.