12 of the Corniest Corn Tools

(Image credit: Monkey Business Design)

It’s hard not to celebrate foods that encourage you to add butter. And while some people love eating corn like a caveman, this is the time of year to dig those corn holders, butterers, and other items out of the back of the kitchen drawer and display them with pride. To properly honor this corn-tastic time of year, don’t settle for a just a set of standard yellow picks — feast your eyes on this collection of 12 of the corniest corn tools.

1. Long Horn Corn Holders, $10 for 4 pairs at Amazon: Sometimes you just need to grab the cob by the horns. This set makes that option a reality.

2. Beer Can Corn Holders, $8 for 4 pairs at Groupon: Holding a beer while eating corn takes talent — or a set of these corn holders.

3. Butter Boy, $8 at Bed, Bath & Beyond: Looking for a better way to butter corn? Just pop this little guy’s head off and start slathering. There’s even a Butter Girl, Butter Bot, and matching corn holders, in case you want the complete set.

4. Pirate vs. Ninja Sword Corn Skewers, $8 for 4 pairs at Zaiser’s: If only “corn assassin” was an actual thing. It’s easy enough to dream with this set, which lets you choose to attack that cob as a pirate or a ninja.

5. Corn to Ride Corn Holders, $11 for 4 pairs at Amazon: Are you corn to be wild? Maybe you need to get a grip on these retro bike-themed corn holders, which can steer you through an ear or two.

6. Spredo Butter Spreader, $13 at Monkey Business Design: If you’re the type who needs to play with their food, this is the coolest of all the corn tools. It makes any corn eater into a submarine captain, complete with a secret salt shaker.

7. Wiener Dog Corn Holders, $7 for 4 pairs at Amazon: These puppies are just so cute! They’re also a corn eater’s best friend, keeping those hands safe from scalding corn and dripping butter.

8. Uni-corn Corn Holders, $10 for 4 pairs at Stupid.com: Forget the salt. Sprinkle a few of these mythical-themed corn picks onto your table setting and get ready for a magical feast.

9. Original Corn Zipper, $16 at Kuhn Rikon: There are several ways to get corn off the cob, but this one is definitely the happiest. Better than a knife and dishwasher-safe, it can strip up to two rows at a time.

10. Mexican Corn Holders, $11 for 2 pairs at Bits and Pieces: There’s just something so wrong (yet so right) about eating something so lifelike. Maybe just double up on the sombreros — or the butter.

11. Bone Corn Holders, $18 for 4 pairs at Amazon: This bone-inspired set is the perfect pairing for the meat plate at your next BBQ. And since each one measures about two inches, they’re perfect for channeling your inner-caveman.

12. Corn Twister, $16 at Kuhn Rikon: If you’re looking to savor every last kernel, this corn tool can strip that cob clean. The two-piece system puts a twist into corn removal, so no knives are needed.

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