12 Non-Alcoholic Drinks to Sip All Fall

updated Jul 26, 2022
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sangria shrub in pitcher with glasses nearby
Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Ben Weiner; Prop Styling: Paige Hicks

Seltzer, soda, and iced tea are refreshing, but let’s be honest — they get a little boring after a while. Sometimes you just want something a little more fun to sip on. And as we head into fall, we’re ready to trade the cool, refreshing drinks we leaned on all summer for fall mocktails with hints of warm spices, seasonal fruits, savory herbs, and deep, rich flavors that come with the season.

Whether you want a special beverage to liven up your weekend brunch at home, something to sip on in the afternoon, or the perfect drink to pair with dinner, these 12 fall non-alcoholic drinks check all the boxes.

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Gingered Hot Cider
All you need to upgrade your standard hot cider is a tea bag to infuse your drink with the bite of ginger tea.
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Blackberry & Sage Spritzers
This herbaceous and juicy, honey-sweetened spritzer is just the drink to remind you of warm summer days.
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Pomegranate Tonics
Pomegranate molasses adds a touch of deep, caramelized flavor to this rosy pink, honey-sweetened mocktail.
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Turmeric Switchel
If you’re not familiar with a switchel, you should be. The tangy vinegar-based drink is both refreshing and energizing.
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Non-Alcoholic Sangria
The best thing about sangria isn’t actually the wine or spirits; it’s the luscious assortment of fruit that gets ladled into each glass.
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Shrub-A-Dub-Dub (Sparkling Fruit Shrub)
Making a shrub is an at-home practice of sustainability, because it allows you to preserve the freshness of the season with whatever fruits and veggies you have around. It’s also a fun, inventive way to introduce a crisp bite to your glass without relying on citrus.
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Slow-Cooker Mulled Cider
This recipe for hot mulled cider is almost totally hands-off thanks to the slow cooker.
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Sparkling Rosemary Limeade
This limeade punches out on every level. It’s all lime, with a lingering herbal note from rosemary, and with just enough sugar to keep it from being mouth-puckering.
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Sangria Shrub Punch
A simple homemade grapefruit shrub is the base of this refreshing and spritzy pitcher mocktail.
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Kumquat and Pink Pepper Spritzer
The combination of kumquats and pink peppercorns make an exceptionally refreshing soda – not overly sweet, and tangy with a trace of heat.
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Asian Pear Sparkler
This Asian pear sparkler is smooth and refreshing with an enticing undercurrent of warm autumn flavors, thanks to an infusion of rosemary, ginger, and nutmeg.
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Rosemary Citrus Spritzer
When mixing non-alcoholic spritzers, we love using fruit and herbs for a sweet yet grown-up flavor. Serve this soda as an alternative to mimosas at brunch, or sip outside on a warm afternoon.
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