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12 Easy and Fancy Finger Foods to Bring to an Awards Show Party

published Feb 23, 2024
pepperoni bread (pepperoni and cheese baked into a roll), sliced open so that you can see the inside with a white dipping sauce on the side
Credit: Perry Santanachote

We love awards season: the glamour, the red-carpet fashion, the films, the competition. And, of course, the snacking. Hollywood’s biggest night is a great occasion to gather around the TV with your friends, your predictions, and a festive array of finger foods. (Fancy dress optional, but hey, why not?)

Credit: PEPCID Max®

With a buffet of hearty snacks (and a night of long speeches ahead), it’s possible that heartburn can make a surprise guest appearance. Stay prepared by stocking up on PEPCID Max®, which starts working in just 15-30 minutes for fast relief that lasts all day*, so you won’t miss a moment of the entertainment. Here are some award-worthy recipes for your own star-studded bash. Divide the categories among your friends for an instantly well-rounded potluck menu!

Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Food Styling: Olwen Phillips

Appetizers (With Meat)

Awards shows aren’t known for their brevity — make hearty appetizers that are filling enough to keep your audience satisfied all night. Packed with savory, spicy, and cheesy flavors, these snacks are easy to make ahead — and even easier to eat. If going back for seconds gives you heartburn (spicy foods and peppers are common triggers), then grab some PEPCID Max® for fast relief that lasts all day.*

Credit: Laura Rege

Appetizers (Without Meat)

No one will miss the meat in these rich and satisfying recipes, and some are contenders for an award in the Best Cheese Pull category. Deviled eggs are a classic app, and beets give them a glam makeover. A French onion galette is that perfect party dish: It looks elegant, but it couldn’t be easier. And we had to include this season’s most popular ingenue, hot honey.

Credit: Photo: Alex Lepe; Food Styling: James Park

Sweet Treats

There’s something here to satisfy every sweet tooth — including an ingenious dessert dip for folks who just want a little something! Eye-catching ube tiramisu is all but guaranteed to get a standing ovation. We love chocolate in any form — from trifle to cake — but it is a common heartburn trigger. If you’re feeling discomfort by dessert, reach for PEPCID Max® to enjoy with confidence.

Credit: Amelia Rampe

Festive Drinks (Non-Alcoholic)

Toast the winners with some flavorful mocktails — which are having a moment lately. Fizzy and fruity, they’re way more fun than soft drinks out of a can. Punches couldn’t be easier to throw together in a large batch, and they have the power to turn a chill hang into a chic occasion. Cheers, darling.

Have PEPCID Max® on hand to keep the party going!

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