12 Delicious Foods You Can Pack for a Flight

published Jun 3, 2014
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What you eat while traveling can sometimes involve extremes: it might be a continuous stream of buttery pastries from Parisian patisseries, or the sad monotony of business trip club sandwiches through room service. No matter what kind of trip it is, you don’t have to settle for eating a wilted grab-and-go sandwich from the terminal kiosk. Here are some ideas on what to pack that will actually make you look forward to your in-flight meal!

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I like to think of plane food in three categories: snacks, something filling, and sweets. If I have at least one of each thing, I know I won’t be tempted by the cart of expensive meals and snacks going down the aisle. Choosing non-perishable items in some of these categories means that I don’t have to eat them by a certain time, plus anything I don’t finish on the plane can be eaten later.

Once I’ve chosen what foods I want to bring along, I’m careful how I pack them. My favorite vessels are takeout containers that I can eat out of and resealable plastic bags so that I don’t have to carry dirty containers off the plane. If I forget to pack utensils, I make quick stop at the food court in the terminal and I’m all set.

It’s a great feeling knowing that since I’ve packed some tasty things with me, I don’t have to factor in extra time to hunt down disappointing food at the airport. Here are some plane-friendly recipes in each of the three categories that will help you get your trip started right!

12 Delicious Things You Can Pack For A Flight


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What are some of your favorite foods to eat on a flight?