12 Cozy, Charming Breakfast Nooks

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Why are these called breakfast nooks? Sure, sipping coffee and enjoying toast while reading the paper in the morning light seems the fitting activity in one of these smallish spaces. But we’re sure the owners of these homes tuck in to meatloaf there, too. Either way, we love nooks. The nearer they’re nestled to the kitchen, the better.

By the standards of some apartment dwellers, some of these nooks could classify as dining rooms. Others are carved out of a tiny corner, accented with two stools and nothing more. Some are the sole eating surface in the house; others are just a spot to have tea or for a friend to sit while she chats with the cook.

We especially love the ones that have cushions or padded benches. After all, if you are using it for breakfast, it’s nice to have a soft landing early in the morning.


• 1. A beautiful French set-up, from Marie Claire Mason.

• 2. Renee Fleming’s cushioned corner, from Country Living.


• 7. A rounded-edge table to take up less room, from a Swedish real estate site.

• 10. Ahhh, club chairs, from Living Etc.