24 Cooking Projects for a Stormy Afternoon

24 Cooking Projects for a Stormy Afternoon

Hali Bey Ramdene
Aug 18, 2016

The clouds are rolling in, the sky is darkening, and it looks like this afternoon is going to be all about staying inside. I hope you made it to the grocery store because nothing is better than an afternoon in the kitchen during a summer storm. Whether you finally make that multi-step pasta dish or freeze all those vegetables from your CSA, take advantage of the time in the AC to tackle some of the bigger projects on your summer to-do list.

Get Prepped: Freeze or Pickle

Since you're stuck inside, why not be more of an ant than grasshopper and put away as much of the summer's bounty as possible? The easiest method is freezing since it's quick and requires no special equipment. If you're ready to upgrade to something more involved, try your hand at pickling or canning. You've got the time.

Produce to Freeze

1. How To Roast and Freeze Green Chiles
2. This Is the Best Way to Freeze Eggplant
3. How To Freeze Blueberries
4. How To Freeze Zucchini
5. How To Freeze Peaches
6. Freeze & Preserve Fresh Herbs in Olive Oil
7. Yes, You Can Freeze Cauliflower Rice

Produce to Pickle

8. How To Make Dill Pickles
9. Pickled Yellow Squash
10. How To Pickle Ginger
11. How To Make Dilly Beans
12. How To Make Quick-Pickled Red Onions

Make an Elaborate Dinner

Handmade pasta could be done on a weeknight, but it's the cleanup that usually puts me off from making it. When I'm stuck inside on a stormy day, I don't think twice about the flour going everywhere. But don't stop at pasta — there are other elaborate meals to add to the mix. A classic steak dinner comes to mind as well.

The Homemade Pasta Feast

13. How To Make Fresh Pasta from Scratch
14. How To Make Marinara Pasta Sauce
15. How To Make the Best Caesar Dressing
16. How To Make the Ultimate Classic Caesar Salad

A Very Nice Steak Dinner

17. How To Cook Perfect Steak in the Oven
18. How To Bake a Potato in the Oven
19. 17 Side Dishes to Serve Alongside a Juicy Steak

Cook an Impressive Dessert

Super-impressive layer cakes aren't so much difficult as they are time-consuming. After all, you're making everything from scratch.

Pretty Cakes That Require Your Attention

20. Honey-Apple Layer Cake
21. Lemon Supreme Layer Cake
22. Riesling Rhubarb Crisp Layer Cake
23. Chocolate Layer Cake
24. Towering Strawberry Shortcake

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