11 Bottles of Wine Under $12 to Bring to Thanksgiving

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While stuffing and mashed potatoes might be the real stars of Thanksgiving — they’ll stand out even more when paired with some really good wines. As for where to shop? If you don’t want to break the bank, Trader Joe’s is the place to go for inexpensive wine. They have an amazing selection, and it’s no trouble at all to find some really great options for less than $12. It’s even possible to spend less than $6 and still find something that will taste great with you mom’s famous sweet potatoes.

Whether you’re looking for a nice bottle to enjoy with family over Zoom, or aiming to stockpile enough wine to last you through to the end of the pandemic, here are 11 great bottles of wine from Trader Joe’s to enjoy this Thanksgiving.

Credit: Trader Joe's

Rebuttel Chardonnay, $7

A full-bodied Chardonnay pairs beautifully with the Thanksgiving turkey, and this Rebuttel Chardonnay is elegant, dry, and fruity, with just a hint of oak. It’s just a little bit buttery and has a crisp hint of apple and Asian pear.

Credit: Trader Joe's

La Ferme Julien Rosé, $5

This crisp, refreshing wine has delicate red fruit, flowers, and citrus aromas. It’s a blend of Syrah, Grenache, and Cinsault grapes and has a light pastel pink color. It’s very aromatic and fresh, and it’s wonderful with poultry and charcuterie, so it’s a perfect rosé option for Thanksgiving.

Credit: Trader Joe's

Petiole Pinot Noir, $10

Pinot Noir tends to be smooth and fruity, and is a great red for turkey and stuffing. This one comes from Oregon, which has fantastic Pinot Noir vineyards, and it has elements of strawberry, oak, and toffee. It’s a dry wine with a smooth finish that would be great with a roast turkey and sweet potatoes.

Credit: Trader Joe's

Secco Peach Bellini Sparkling Wine, $5

Bellinis aren’t traditionally associated with Thanksgiving, but they’re a great way to start your holiday. This bottled version is sweet enough for people who like that sort of thing, but not so cloying that it’s going to turn anyone off. Plus, it comes in a pretty bottle.

Credit: Trader Joe's

Villa Borghetti Luna Pinot Grigio, $5

If you know someone in your household is going to ask for a Pinot Grigio, this is a good bottle to have on hand. It’s light and crisp, with notes of pear and apricot.

Credit: Trader Joe's

Cherry Blossom Pinot Noir California, $4

Cherry Blossom is basically the Pinot Noir version of Trader Joe’s famous Charles Shaw Chardonnay, or “Two-Buck Chuck.” It’s designed to be the best possible wine at the lowest possible price point. It’s smooth and dry, but is fruit-forward and has robust notes of fruit, berries, and chocolate cherries, with a bit of toasty oak.

Credit: Trader Joe's

DueTorri Pinot Noir, $8

This light-bodied Italian red wine has a delicate bouquet of red cherries and mild tannins. It’s best when served lightly chilled to around 55°F, and it goes very well with chicken and turkey.

Credit: Trader Joe's

Billy’s Shadow Cabernet Sauvignon Shiraz Merlot, $9

This 2014 vintage blend from Australia is crimson red with a dark berry flavor. Tasting notes describe cranberries, cherries, blackcurrant, and warm spices. There’s some oak and cedar and a creamy finish. It’ll be great for the cooler November weather.

Credit: Trader Joe's

TJ’s Coastal Chardonnay, $4.50

This is a crisp Chardonnay that is fruit-forward but not too sweet, with peach and apple flavors and a nice richness. It’s aged in stainless steel tanks and there’s no oakiness to it. It’s flavorful and pretty balanced and just a bit buttery.

Credit: Trader Joe's

Grifone Primitivo Puglia, $4

This Grifone Primitivo is one of the best deals at Trader Joe’s. It’s from Puglia in southern Italy, and it’s a deep, garnet red. It’s made with Zinfandel grapes, but it’s not quite as spicy as American Zinfandels. It’s full-bodied, warm, and fruity, with strong tannins. It’s great with cheese.

Credit: Trader Joe's

Col Sassoso Lambrusco, $12

If you really want to impress, offer a sparkling red wine. This sparking red is dry but effervescent, and it has strong notes of fruit. It should be served chilled, and it goes particularly well with root vegetables and squash.