11 Food-Themed Notecards to Send Just Because

(Image credit: Black Lamb BK)

Everyone likes receiving a thoughtful piece of actual mail that is not a bill or catalogue. Another thing everyone likes? Food. Given these two universal truths, we have trawled the web in search of multi-purpose note cards that will delight your friends, charm your colleagues, and make your family very, very hungry.

  1. We Go Together Box Set, $31 for six at Black Lamb BK: You are the bacon to his eggs. She is the macaroni to your cheese. Use these to express your undying devotion.
  2. Pizza Stationery, $13 for 10 at Paper Source: The best way to say, “I am thinking of you, and also of pizza.”
  3. Artichoke Flat Printed Note Set, $10 for six at Foxy & Winston: Just a little bit fancier than the rest of the bunch, these are dignified enough for (some) professional correspondence.
  4. Fruit Cards Multi-Pack, $20 for eight at Hartland Brooklyn: With the multi-pack, you’ll be prepared to send celebratory watermelons or conciliatory bananas whenever the need arises.
  5. Henry Stahlhut Gourmet Cover Notecard Set, $35 for 20 at the Conde Nast Store: These are printed with an assortment of seasonally varied Gourmet magazine covers, making them an excellent choice for the sophisticated foodie.
  6. Macaron Notecard Set, $17 for 10 at Big Appetites: Each delightfully unsettling card in this set has a different image from Christopher Boffoli’s “Big Appetites” series, which features tiny figures arranged on real food “landscapes.”
  7. The Foodie Card Set, $20 for six at Gotamago: These incredibly charming cards feature an assortment of punny phrases (“miso you so much,” and “you’re the one pho me”), paired with an appropriately playful illustration.
  8. Dough-Notes Flat Note Set, $12 for eight at Dear Ollie: Sometimes, no fold is necessary. These cheerful flat cards are perfect for dashing off quick missives to friends and associates of all ages.
  9. All American Food Watercolor Card Set, $12 for six at The Clay Cup: Celebrate the best this great nation has to offer with these junk-food-themed cards. They are extremely appetizing, and also patriotic, in a way.
  10. Handmade Sushi Boxed Notes, $20 for eight at Papyrus: The cards in this set are totally cute, but the real highlight is the secret sushi print on the inside of the envelopes. It’s a whimsical surprise!
  11. Foodie Notecards, $12 for four at LouPaperz: This vibrant set is ideal for corresponding with a bread enthusiast, a seafood addict, or a very serious cheese fiend.
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