10 Wine Glasses That Can Go in the Dishwasher

updated May 1, 2019
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With the holiday season officially in full swing and batches of bashes ahead of us, there is so much to look forward to. The friends, the food, the drink, and the dishes. Back up! Not the dishes!

Nothing puts a damper on a night of good drinks than knowing you’re gonna have to wash each and every glass by hand. Before you reach for disposables in attempts to cut the cleanup time, try swapping your hand-wash-only glassware for these spectacular dishwasher-safe options.

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  1. Flimra Wine Glass, $3 at IKEA: Is that expensive crystal? Nope! It’s affordable IKEA. But your guests will be fooled.
  2. Cheval Clear Wine Glass, $4.50 at CB2: Not too traditional, not too modern — this glass is just right.
  3. O Wine Tumbler, $31 for four: Most people don’t realize this, but these Riedel stemless glasses are actually dishwasher-safe. The thin glass walls are way more durable than you’d think.
  4. Pokal Wine Glass, $1.50 at IKEA: This glass will bring you back to the good old days. Use it for mixed wine cocktails like sangria or spritzers.
  5. Cape Recycled Wine Glasses, $40 for four at West Elm: Made from 100 percent recycled materials, these glasses are pretty sturdy. The same style is also available in champagne flutes and coupe glasses.
  6. Bodega Stemless Wine Glasses, $24 for six at Pottery Barn: Imagine a wine glass. Now take that mental image and throw it out the window. These flat-bottomed glasses prove ultra hip with their crisp silhouette.
  7. Stemless White Wine Glass, $3.50 at Fishs Eddy: In case you couldn’t tell, we love a stemless wine glass. Keep a few of these around.
  8. Aqua Roly Wine Glasses, $65 for four at One Kings Lane: Don’t be blue — with this set, there will be no washing by hand for you! The vibrant teal glasses will also double as dynamic decor on your table.
  9. Large Wine Glasses, $25 for two at Life Factory: These glasses are dishwasher- and clumsy-people-safe. They come with a silicone sleeve, which acts like bubble wrap and adds extra grip for your butter-fingered guests.
  10. 16-Ounce Wine Glass, $23 for four at Govino: Not sure silicone is enough to keep your friends from breaking all your glasses? Govino now makes shatterproof glasses that can go in the dishwasher. You’re on your own when it comes to the resulting wine stains, though.