10 Ways Your Freezer Can Make Everyday Cooking Easier

published Dec 31, 2015
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Your freezer isn’t just for ice cream and that half-empty bottle of vodka — it can actually be a tool to help you streamline your everyday cooking routine and make life easier on yourself. Follow these 10 tips for stocking your freezer, and you’ll stress less about meal time.

  1. Organize your freezer: First you need to make sure your freezer is organized to get the most out of it — or rather into it.
  2. Embrace frozen pizza: There’s no need to stock up at Trader Joe’s — you can make your own frozen pizza, and it’s 10 times better.
  3. Freeze batches of soup: There are some soups that are better to freeze than others. Make sure you know the list.
  4. Learn to buy in bulk: Make the warehouse clubs work for you.
  5. Make sure it’s well-stocked: Just avoid these mistakes when you’re filling your freezer.
  6. Don’t fall prey to freezer burn: Make sure you package your foods correctly to keep them fresh and edible.
  7. Keep cookies in your freezer: Having frozen cookie dough on hand means homemade cookies are within reach at all times.
  8. Use your freezer to streamline breakfasts: Keep a stash of these breakfast sandwiches at the ready so you can grab and go.
  9. Make smoothies easier: A little bit of prep will make your morning smoothies much easier to whip up in the morning.
  10. Throw a freezer party: You can make 50 meals for just $300, and it can set you up for easy weeknight dinners.