10 Ways We Learned to Feed Our Families Better

10 Ways We Learned to Feed Our Families Better

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It feels like just when you get the hang of cooking for yourself or for yourself and your significant other, it's time to start learning to cook for a family. From getting anything on the table when you have a newborn, to trying to get your older kids (especially teenagers) to help in the kitchen, feeding your family can seem like a challenge.

Thankfully there's plenty of advice out there for making dinnertime feel like less of a battle, and more like the family dinner you envisioned. Here are our best takeaways from 2015.

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1. Kids of any age can help in the kitchen.

The littlest ones may just be watching you, but even having them in the kitchen is a good way to start them out with a love of cooking.

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2. Learning to cook starts at the grocery store.

When it comes to teaching teens the basics, start at the beginning and teach them how to shop for and store their food.

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3. Making meals for new parents is a gift, especially if you follow these tips.

The last thing you want to do is give them more work to do.

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4. The real skill you should learn for better dinners is meal planning.

Yes, we'd all like to be able to bake the perfect sourdough boule, but knowing how to get dinner on the table is far more practical.

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5. Pasta is easy, but alone it's not a meal.

When you're teaching your teen or tween to cook, make sure they know how to turn a pot of pasta into a full-fledged meal.

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6. Meal templates can save you.

At least from the menace known as the toddler who won't eat anything.

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7. Grocery shopping with young kids can be manageable.

Most importantly, have a plan and stick to it.

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8. You can prep your freezer before your new baby arrives.

There are a few dos and don'ts that will make your life much easier when you're newly sleep deprived.

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9. Have a picky eater? There is help out there.

We asked you how you handled your picky eaters, and you guys came through. Here are the nine best pieces of advice.

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10. Sometimes, picky eating can't be helped.

If you did everything right but still ended up with a persnickety eater, relax — we have tips on how to cope.

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