10 Ways to Use Up a Gallon of Milk

updated Sep 7, 2022
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Do you ever struggle to use up the milk in your fridge? Sometimes we buy milk for a recipe or a weekend brunch, and then it lingers in the fridge, half-used, with the expiration date barreling down upon our guilty heads. It’s a sad waste to pour sour milk down the drain, and we’re here to tell you that you never need to do that again.

Here are 10 simple ways to use up leftover milk, from quick and practical projects like homemade mozzarella and yogurt, to treats like homemade strawberry milk and a sweet, smooth liqueur (yes, booze!). And if all that fails, we have one simple tip that will make sure you never waste milk again.

(Image credit: Emma Christensen)

These tips range from projects like simple homemade cheeses that are surprisingly quick and easy to make at home — mozzarella, ricotta, paneer — to fermented foods like kefir and yogurt (hello there, probiotics!). There are some dazzlingly fun treats too, like strawberry milk, milk liqueur, and Mardi Gras punch.

My favorite, though, is a big pot of masala chai, which soaks up plenty of milk and is a lovely treat for a crowd of friends or work colleagues (just fill up a thermos).

10 Ways to Use Up a Gallon of Milk

No Time? Here’s One More Tip!

Don’t have time for even one of these little projects? Just freeze your leftover milk — it’s fine to freeze and use later in recipes.

Yes, you can freeze milk too: Got (Too Much) Milk? Freeze It for Later!

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