10 Ways to Use Alexa in Your Kitchen

published Nov 30, 2017
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It’d sure be nice if you could just say, “Alexa, do all the things for me,” right? While she can’t go to work for you or peel a bag of potatoes, Alexa can lend a helping hand with mostly everything in the home — especially in the kitchen.

Here are 10 surprising ways you can put an Alexa-enabled device to work when your hands are deep in a homemade dough, or you’re chopping away for Sunday sauce.

1. She can play music.

What does music have to do with kitchen tasks? Truthfully, more than you realize. Music can energize your time in the kitchen, mellow it out, or simply keep you company. Use Alexa to access your favorite tunes while you prep and cook. No need to get your phone dirty or wet when you want to change a track or turn up the volume. Tip: Use a spatula as a microphone while you’re at it.

2. She can pick a recipe.

Looking for a great eggplant parm recipe? Or a cozy minestrone? Skip the endless online searching and simply let Alexa do the work. Ask her for a recipe for a specific dish and get to work.

3. She can help you use up leftovers.

Not sure what to do with that random leek left in the fridge? Or that container of couscous? Ask Alexa how to use a specific ingredient and she’ll recommend a recipe for it. She’ll follow up to check if you’d like more information or more recipes for that ingredient (ratings included).

4. She can make you a shopping list.

As soon as you realize you’re at the end of a jar or you just used up that last onion, tell Alexa to add it to your list. The list is then stored on the app in the lists section. Can’t remember what’s already on it? Just ask her to repeat what’s on the list.

5. She can educate you.

Not entirely sure what a watermelon radish is? Perhaps harissa rings a bell but you’re wondering where you can buy it? Or maybe it’s a house divided between vegetarians and carnivores and you’re wondering if Worcestershire is vegetarian-friendly. Need gluten-free recipes? Just ask, and Alexa will teach.

6. She can set a timer.

Do yourself a favor and always set a timer. Not only will this keep you from burning anything in the oven, but it will also ensure your pasta (and many other things!) are cooked just right. Just ask Alexa to set a timer and you won’t have to mess up the control panel on your oven.

7. She can do measurement conversions.

Picture this: You’re excited for a day of baking and, as you’re holding your measuring cups, you realize the recipe is mostly in ounces. Ask Alexa to convert the measurements into cups for you and you won’t have to do any of the hard math.

8. She can help with calorie counts.

We all do it once in a while. Whether for health reasons, weight loss, or whatever your need, Alexa can help with counting your calories. Just ask how many calories are in a cup of Greek yogurt or a chicken breast, for example.

9. She can help you sub ingredients.

If you find yourself lacking an ingredient or three, ask Alexa to pull up Ingredient Sub, a handy tool that helps you figure out what you can use instead.

10. She can help you clean up.

Okay, she won’t actually do the dishes (rude!), but she can help you determine the best way to store an ingredient. Should those leftover lemon wedges go in the fridge? Just ask her.

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