8 Meals To Make With Canned Or Frozen Corn

8 Meals To Make With Canned Or Frozen Corn

Sarah Rae Smith
Dec 9, 2010

It doesn't matter what time of year it is, there's always a can of corn in our pantry and two bags in the freezer. Those little golden kernels are an inexpensive way to extend many meals and bring a little color to a plate on a cold blustery day. Here are eight ways to put this kitchen staple to use in everything from salads to pancakes!

Although most if not all of the meals below would be better with fresh Summer corn, we do what we can in winter months. Frozen corn will give you a slightly more fresh flavor and canned corn is perfect for salsas and bread mix ins. Here's 8 ways to put your corn to tasty use!

1. Double Corn Bread with Smoked Mozzarella and Sun-Dried Tomatoes: It doesn't matter if you like your corn bread savory or sweet, this version is sure to win over everyone!

2. Phoebe's Scallops with Tomatillo Guacamole & Corn Salsa: This recipe combines corn with fresh scallops and makes for one happy plate.

3. Squash, Corn, and Lemongrass Soup with Spiced Pumpkin Seeds: This recipe comes together in 30 minutes flat and is a new household staple!

4. Mung Bean Salad With Corn and Basil: This salad is perfect any time of year and makes good use of other typically on hand staples. It's a pop of color with a cool creamy taste.

5. Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Corn, Goat Cheese, and Oven-Roasted Tomatoes: Though this recipe sings the most in summer with fresher, straight from the garden flavors, it can be made with store-bought tomatoes and canned corn. Dinner in 10 minutes? Yes please!

6. Caramelized Corn with Tomatoes and Bacon: While this recipe would make a meal fit for a King at the end of summer, it can still be made with canned or frozen corn along with a few good tomatoes from your local grocer. Are they in season? No. Are there still pretty heirloom varieties in the store? Yes. When combined with corn and bacon, we're willing to eat out of season... just this once (wait, unless a second helping counts as twice?).

7. Corn Soup & Smoked Cheddar Crackers: This dish is bright and lovely and with the addition of homemade crackers it oozes comfort and joy all at the same time.

8. Sarah's Fresh Corn Pancakes with Salsa Cruda and Yogurt: This recipe uses whole corn instead of corn meal and would work for a meal at any time of day.

Corn is a great mix in to basic dishes as well, toss some in your next meat loaf, veggie burger or anything involving a white or cheese sauce. How do you use up your frozen corn? Let us know below!

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(Images: 1. Faith Durand, 2. Kitchn reader Phoebe, 3. Stephanie Barlow, 4. Emily Ho, 5. Elizabeth Passarella, 6. Dana Velden, 7. Jennifer Joyce of Meals in Heels, 8. Kitchn reader Sarah)

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