10 Ways to Make a Meal Out of Frozen Peas

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Joe Lingeman)

Peas are the OG frozen vegetables. Whether you like them or not, it’s highly likely you have a bag in your freezer, if only to be used as an ice pack to soothe a bump or a bruise. But they’re worth so much more than that! You see, since frozen peas defrost and warm up almost instantly when cooked, they’re a rockstar ingredient for fast main dishes. Here are 10 ways we love to use them.

1. Toss them into pasta.

Add some green goodness to your pasta dinner without even trying. The peas will warm up immediately when tossed with hot noodles and make both dinner party and kid-friendly pastas a bit more wholesome.

2. Make a creamy dip.

Dip alone isn’t a meal, but a creamy dip made from defrosted, blended peas can be more than just a snack. Swipe it thick on toast and top said toast with a poached or fried egg for an easy meal that feels a little luxurious.

3. Blend them into soup.

If you’ve got a bag of frozen peas, an aromatic like a leek or an onion, and chicken or vegetable broth on your hands, you have what you need for a light yet satisfying puréed soup.

4. Bolster a box of mac and cheese.

Sometimes instant mac and cheese really is the only dinner solution when the day got the best of you. Add some color and veggie goodness by stirring a few big handfuls of frozen peas into your bowl.

5. Pile them onto creamy polenta.

Sauté frozen peas with whatever other vegetables you happen to have in the crisper drawer — or just sauté them solo with garlic or chopped onion. Pile this mixture onto creamy polenta and finish the bowl with crumbled goat cheese or feta, or just lots and lots of grated Parmesan.

6. Turn them into falafel.

Homemade falafel is easier than you think — especially when you let frozen peas help you along. When defrosted, combined with a can of chickpeas, and pan-fried, you get light and crispy falafel that’s just waiting to be stuffed into pita.

7. Make a quick chicken pot pie.

Grab a rotisserie chicken and a bag of frozen peas and turn them into a comforting pot pie that not only comes together in under 30 minutes, but is also assembled and cooked all in one dish.

8. Add them to a skillet of fried rice.

Take leftover rice from last night’s dinner and turn it into a satisfying skillet of fried rice. Toss frozen peas in during the last few minutes of cooking to add color and veggie power to the situation.

9. Stir them into risotto.

A pot of creamy, cheesy risotto is just begging for add-ins, and frozen peas are the easiest pick around. Just stir in a couple of handfuls right before serving, when you’re also stirring in the butter and cheese.

10. Make easy homemade ravioli.

We know easy homemade ravioli sounds impossible, but it can be done! That is, if you lean on wonton wrappers instead of making your own pasta. Blend defrosted peas with arugula, cheese, and herbs, and you’ve got a bright filling to tuck inside the wrappers.