10 Ways To Eat Brinner (Breakfast For Dinner)

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Although we manage to find time for a few nibbles in the morning, we’re just not that into scarfing down a big meal at the beginning of our day. Instead, we’d much rather enjoy a big breakfast as the day is winding down and truly take our time and savor such traditional and comforting flavors. Now who’s ready for some white gravy? Nom nom nom!

Aside from being “fun” to eat breakfast for dinner, it’s usually a rather economical choice as well. Most of the options below come in under the $10 price point, in fact make that $5. That’s the bonus to making fresh food at home is being able to cut back the price while increasing the flavors!

1. Breakfast Pizza: Personally, we can eat pizza any time, night or day, but we love to change things up and make it fresh each time. We keep frozen, risen crusts on hand and they’re the perfect vessel to hold typical breakfast foods. Make it with a pesto, a marinara, or even a white gravy, no matter how you slice it, it’s good eats!

2. How To Make A Breakfast Burrito: We love food that’s self contained and this version can even forgo the dinner table if needs be. Breakfast burritos also carry the ability to use up leftovers in your refrigerator such as stray meats and veggies!

3. Cheddar and Green Chile Waffles with Thyme Maple Syrup: Waffles for dinner, well there’s just nothing better. The bonus to eating this carb-loaded treat is you don’t have to feel guilty for the nap that’s sure to follow!

4. Fresh & Light: 12 Breakfast Casseroles: Casseroles are beautiful things. They can be prepared and left in the refrigerator for your return home, just waiting for you to toss them in the oven. They feed a hungry mob and still leave you time to help kids with homework or put your feet up and relax while they bake!

5. Fluffy Ricotta Pancakes: Although the rich and heavy waffles above might leave you sedated for awhile, these light and airy ricotta pancakes will leave you with a spring in your step and wondering why you don’t make them more often!

6. Potato Pancakes: There isn’t really a time of day that potato pancakes aren’t appropriate, but you can feed a family of 4 for just a few dollars. They freeze great and are hearty and filling for hungry tummies!

7. Cream Biscuits With Add Ons: These biscuits are made in a snap and although they’re great just as they stand, they’re even more delicious when mixed with leftover meats, cheeses, an egg or even some velvety white gravy… be still our hearts.

8. Eggs en Cocotte: These baked eggs require so little prep it’s almost shocking. The results are ramekins full of little pillows of egg whites and milky soft yolks. You can add in almost any leftover still in your fridge to spice them up a little, but they’re great just the way they are.

9. Lemon Frittata with Leeks and Goat Cheese: This dish is a cherished one in our archives. It’s a staple that should be in everyone’s back pocket because of its versatility, simplicity and bright and comforting tastes.

10. Double Chocolate Butterscotch Breakfast Muffins: Even though it’s dinner, these chocolate muffins are rich enough that they’re perfect for the theme and curb any sweet tooth at the table. Consider them a breakfast dessert!

These are just a few ways to get some breakfast flavors in your belly later in the day, what are a few of your favorite ways to whip up a little breakfast for dinner? Let us know below!

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