10 Ways to Eat an Egg Tonight

10 Ways to Eat an Egg Tonight

Faith Durand
Mar 5, 2009

2009_03_05-Eggs.jpgWhat are you eating for dinner tonight? How about an egg? Here are 10 of our favorite ways to eat an egg for supper.

• 1. Pizza - Eggs on breakfast pizza - it's so delicious! Tiny quail eggs cook quickly, if you want to go that route.

Get the recipe: Breakfast Pizza

• 2. Open face sandwich - We like to pile a fried or scrambled egg on fresh, homemade bread along with any leftover vegetables or scraps from the fridge.

Get the recipe: Egg, Arugula, and Herb Tartine

• 3. Baked in a dish - The easy, versatile method of baking eggs on top of whatever you have around - canned tomatoes, a little cream, some herbs - has been a brunch staple for us. Try them baked on top of leftover beans or lentils, too.

Get the recipe: Mark Bittman's Baked Eggs with Tomato (for a Weekend Brunch Crowd)

• 4. Frittata - The frittata a great make-ahead dish. Cook one up with eggs, potatoes, and vegetables, and eat off it all week.

Get the recipe: Lemon Frittata with Leeks and Goat Cheese, also: Zucchini-Potato Frittata

• 5. Stir-fried - Stir-fried egg with rice is a classic comfort food.

Get the recipe: Stir-Fried Egg and Tomato

• 6. Quiche - Quiche is more like a baked custard than the sturdier texture of a frittata. It's comforting and elegant at the same time.

Get the recipe: Confetti Quiche with Curry Crust

• 7. Eggs 'n' greens - A fried egg over garlicky greens: it doesn't get much better than that!

Get the recipe: Garlic Greens with Pine Nuts and an Egg - Also, Fried Eggs and Collard Greens Over Polenta

• 8. Slow-scrambled - Scrambled eggs should be cooked very, very slowly until they turn into a meltingly soft and custardy delicacy to be eaten on toast. Even so, they're one of the faster dinners we know how to make.

Get the recipe: Slow Scrambled Eggs with Rosemary and Capers

• 9. Over noodles - After greens, noodles and pasta are perhaps our favorite thing to dump an egg on.

Get the recipe: Sesame-Garlic Soba Noodles with Fried Egg

• 10. In a casserole - Who says that breakfast casserole is just for the morning? This delicious hash of bread, ham, and eggs is good morning and night.

Get the recipe: "Ham and Cheese" Breakfast Casserole

What's your favorite way to eat an egg for dinner?

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