10 Ways to Dress Up and Improve a Frozen Pizza

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Chris over at ManMade DIY is alone for the week; his special someone is out of town, and he doesn’t feel like cooking a big meal every night. And yet he is determined to preserve some level of self-respect in his solo eating. What does this mean? Why, finding ways to improve upon the frozen pizza, of course. Here are 10 ways, many of them quite brilliant, to turn that frozen disc of dough into something more appetizing (and respectable!).

Chris’s suggestions go beyond additional toppings; he’s not just talking about adding extra sausage or cheese. (Although he suggests that too.) No, he explains how to improve the quality of the crust (flip it over and prick it with a fork to keep it from going soggy) and amp up the flavor of the sauce with a few well-chosen ingredients.

Check out all his suggestions here — if you ever find yourself alone in the kitchen with a frozen pizza, you’ll appreciate them.

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Do you ever resort to frozen pizza for dinner? Got any other tricks improving it?

(Images: Chris of ManMade DIY)