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10 Easy Ways to Dress Up a Corn Dog

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Andrea D’Agosto)

Corn dogs are actually pretty amazing. Think about it: It’s a hot dog covered in cornbread batter and deep-fried on a stick. The result is a symphony of flavors and textures that deserves more than just a slick of yellow mustard.

Consider the dressed-up corn dog a centerpiece of your next get-together. Whether you make your corn dogs from scratch or grab the bake-at-home variety from the grocery store, here are 10 ways to dip, drizzle, sprinkle, or dress your corn dog for maximum delight.

(Image credit: Andrea D’Agosto)

All of our suggested corn dog toppings can be found in the aisles of your local supermarket — not just the condiment aisle. If you’re hosting a corn dog dress-up party, set out a tray of toppings and let your guests go to town.

1. Honey + Toasted Sesame Seeds

Honey’s sweet stickiness makes it an ideal dip for corn dogs. Just roll the resulting dog in sesame seeds and enjoy.

2. Pimento Cheese + Chopped Pickles

A Southern classic, pimento cheese can be made at home or found in the dairy case of your grocery store. Top with chopped dill pickles.

3. Sour Cream + Pickled Jalapeños + Cumin Seeds

This trio of cool — tart sour cream, pickled jalapeños, and crunchy cumin seeds —is a perfect complement to the sweet and savory flavors of the corn dog. Toast the cumin before serving for extra aroma and crunch.

4. Marinara Sauce + Red Pepper Flakes

If ketchup is your go-to corn dog dip, try this combo of simple marinara and spicy red pepper flakes instead.

5. Cream Cheese + Hot Pepper Jelly

Cream cheese has wonderful staying power for holding the hot pepper jelly in place. Swirl the two together for an amazing corn dog dip.

6. Cheese Sauce + Steamed Broccoli

My inner child is craving this classic combo! Buy the jarred cheese sauce and steam some broccoli in the microwave for a kid-approved favorite.

7. Mayo + Ketchup + Minced Garlic

We call this combination Magic Sauce in our house. You’ll be surprised by how delicious it is on fries and corn dogs alike.

8 Quick-Pickled Onion + Habanero Chiles

Toss some thinly sliced sweet onions with a thinly sliced hot pepper and a bit of white vinegar, let the mixture sit for about 10 minutes, and then enjoy on corn dogs, hot dogs, or burgers.

9. Chili + Fried Onion + Cheddar Cheese

The chili corndog is a perfect use of canned chili. Add a few crispy fried onions and some grated cheddar cheese for the greatest chili cheese dog of all time.

10. Charred Corn + Cotija + Chili Powder

Corn, cotija, and a sprinkle of chili powder will ignite your love for the corn dog all over again. Serve with a bit of chopped cilantro and a wedge of lime for squeezing.