10 Wacky Mugs to Fun Up Your Desk

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Susanna Hopler)

For people who don’t take their coffee too seriously, we’ve rounded up 10 slightly silly mugs that will surely add a little something to your morning (and afternoon?) routine.

Bring one of these to work and sip that free office coffee in style.

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  1. Hot Stuff Ceramic Mug, $14 at Ban.Do: This mug could clear up any questions in case anyone isn’t sure who’s in charge.
  2. Sriracha Coffee Mug, $12 at Perpetual Kid: For those who like hot sauce and hot coffee.
  3. Morph Coffee Mug Battery, $20 at Kikkerland: Using magic (or more accurately, thermographic inks), the battery will fill up when you add hot coffee to this mug. As you drink the coffee, the power will transfer from the mug to you.
  4. Carried Away Mug, $17 at Typo: Let’s be honest — this mug might have some truth to it.
  5. Cat Lady Mug, $19 at Seltzer Goods: This one, too! Own your weird with this cute mug.
  6. Bull Dog Mug, $17 at Fishs Eddy: You probably can’t bring your dog to the office, so this mug is the next best thing.
  7. Made It Out of Bed Mug, $19 at Look Human: Because you’re not likely to get an award just for showing up to work.
  8. No Mug, $12 at Easy, Tiger: If you have a hard time saying no to your coworkers, this mug can do the hard part for you.
  9. Coffee to Cocktails Mug, $20 at ModCloth: Drink your morning brew and your happy hour booze from the same mug with this silly-but-cute glass beauty.
  10. Things We Love Breakfast Mug, $20 at Kate Spade: This mug knows what it’s talking about. #goodadvice