Valentine's Day

10 Valentine’s Day Cards for Food Enthusiasts (and Pun Lovers)

updated May 1, 2019
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(Image credit: Top Table Design)

Every year for the last four years we’ve rounded up our favorite food-related cards for Valentine’s Day. I’ve asked you to lettuce grow old together because you make miso happy, and by god, just go on and take another little pizza my heart already! Today we’re back with more food pun-and-pairing cards that’ll make your food-lover lover’s heart beet wildly this Valentine’s Day. (You’re welcome.)

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Kinda a Big Dill, $4.40 from Top Table Design (Image credit: Top Table Design)
  1. Kinda a Big Dill, $4.40 from Top Table Design
  2. Cheesy Valentine’s Day Card, $3.66 from Becka Griffin
  3. Tea Lover Card, $4.00 from Nocturnal Paper
  4. Stay Spicy Card, $5.00 from Hello!Lucky
  5. You’re Totally My Jam, $4.50 from Heather Buchanan
  6. Espresso Coffee Card, $4.21 from Substellar Studio
  7. You’re the One Pho Me, $5.00 from Gotamago
  8. Baby, I’m a Maize, $4.00 from Mod Dessert
  9. Cured, $5.00 from Greet ‘n’ Potatoes
  10. I Love You Card, $4.00 from Call Me Artsy

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