10 Tweets That Perfectly Capture Our Feelings About Eggo Waffles in Netflix’s “Stranger Things”

(Image credit: Netflix)

This month Netflix released hit TV series Stranger Things, a love letter to the ’80s that reads as a cross between The Goonies and E.T. While the heroes of the show might seem like Mike and his group of friends, or El and her superpowers, or Winona Ryder playing a mom (yes, she’s brilliant), the true unsung hero is actually a box of Eggo Waffles.

If you haven’t had Eggo Waffles ever (or in a very long time), let me refresh your memory: It’s a breakfast item that looks and tastes like a thin, round waffle. This popular breakfast item of the ’80s and ’90s makes a few key appearances in the show that can’t be underestimated. Twitter understands this fact.

1. Is Stranger Things sponsored by Eggo Waffles?

2. Eggo Waffles are the new superfood.

3. Our future is bright with Eggo Waffles.

4. Feelings are hard. Eggo Waffles can help.

5. Eggo Waffles will make you magical.

6. Let’s just hope Eggo Waffles are a part of all alternative universes.

7. Being brainwashed is fun if Eggo Waffles are invovled.

8. Eat your feelings. Eggo waffles are here for you.

9. Eggo Waffles > Reese’s Pieces.

10. The blueberry Eggo Waffles really are the best.