10 To-Go Containers You Won’t Mind Giving Away

updated May 1, 2019
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You probably already own a few nice storage containers, but it’s not like you’re gonna start giving them away, along with all your Thanksgiving leftovers. It’s bad enough you have to share the rest of your beloved stuffing with the flock of people who’ve made their way to your house.

That’s why you need some of these to-go containers that you wouldn’t mind parting with. Here are 10 of our favorites.

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  1. Glad Matchware, $27 for four: Glad has long been the go-to for reusable storage containers that you’re fine with throwing away or losing, and this set comes with matching green lids (instead of the typical blue ones) to make sure you can find the container’s top in a snap.
  2. Ziploc One-Press Containers, $13 for three: These containers feature a one-press seal that’ll give you piece of mind that contents won’t leak.
  3. Bio-Plus-Earth Paper Take-Out Container, $15 for 50 at WebstaurantStore: Explore the new “brown bag” alternative with these kraft containers made from recycled paperboard. They’re stackable, cut-resistant, leak-resistant, and grease-resistant.
  4. Fit & Fresh Smart Portion Containers, $10 for four at ReUseIt: Get ready to be wowed: Each container has a removable ice pack that snaps onto the lid, keeping contents chilled even when they’re out of the fridge.
  5. Click & Fresh Food Storage Containers, $8 for three at Bed Bath & Beyond: These deep-set containers have lids with built-in vents, making them perfect for heating up quick meals in the microwave.
  6. Mr. Lid Container Set, $10 for 10 at Bed Bath & Beyond: If you’re forever searching for the missing lid to your storage containers, you’ll love this set, which features 10 containers with fully attached lids.
  7. Ripple Bowls with Lids Set, $6 for 10 at Shop Sweet LuLu: Perfect for soup, mac and cheese, or mashed potatoes, these Ripple Bowls are great to have on hand.
  8. Kitchen Discovery Meal Prep Containers, $15 for 10: Whether you’re really into #mealprepsunday or you just like to have an organized fridge, this set has you covered. Each container features three separate sections for your main and two sides.
  9. Treat Boxes, $5 for 12 at Oriental Trading: Corral food in baggies or foil and pack up each person’s doggie bag in one of these boxes. Bonus: You can have the kiddos decorate them for a fun (and hopefully quiet) craft session.
  10. Kraft Chinese Take-Out Box, $13 for 25 at Bio & Chic: Chinese take-out boxes are arguably the most iconic vessels for take-out we know, so why not use some to pack up your own leftovers? And because these don’t have those metal handles, they can actually go in the microwave.