10 Times the Internet Freaked Out Over Food This Year

10 Times the Internet Freaked Out Over Food This Year

Lauren Kodiak
Dec 30, 2017
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The internet can be a wonderful place filled with stories of kids reacting with pure joy when getting bananas for Christmas or using their piggy bank savings to pay for their classmates' milk. But it can also be a dark place, where strange food pairings are born and people argue over the way food emojis should look.

In 2017 there were a lot of things on the internet that caused people to freak out, whether it was in a good way, in a bad way, or just in a very confused way. Did you miss any? Don't worry — we rounded up the top 10 freak-outs of the year.

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1. White Stripes on Chicken Meat

If you buy raw chicken at the grocery store, then you've probably noticed some white stripes on it from time to time. This white striping reflects a muscle disorder, and an animal welfare group was advising consumers to be wary of it, leading to an internet freak-out. Don't worry, though — this doesn't mean homemade chicken nuggets are off the table forever.

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2. A Photo of Strawberries

Akiyoshi Kitaoka, a specialist of optical illusions, shared this picture of strawberries on Twitter. The strawberries look red, right? Well, the crazy thing is the picture has no red pixels, and yet undeniably everyone saw the red in the strawberries. It's magic! Or, you know, something called "color constancy."

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3. Dipping Pizza in Milk

This one all started with, of course, a tweet from someone named Miriam claiming that dipping pizza in milk was "WAYYY better than pineapple pizza." And just like that, the fury of the internet was unleashed. Her tip was to make sure the pizza and milk were cold, and that the pizza did not have too much tomato sauce, but I don't think that did much to appease the haters.

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4. Cloud Eggs

Even though cloud eggs have been around for a while, they became a viral sensation on Instagram this year. Essentially just some whipped egg whites baked with a yolk in the center, cloud eggs seem pretty harmless. But some people dubbed them a "crime against breakfast." Either way, these fluffy eggs captivated the masses in 2017.

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5. This Peanut Butter "Hack"

Food Network was mercilessly mocked for this "hack" they posted on Instagram. The premise was simple: Spread peanut butter on parchment paper, flatten, freeze, and then break off squares and place them directly on sandwiches in the morning. A lot of people thought this was a joke, but alas it was not.

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6. A Woman's Grocery List for Her Husband

When Era Londhi posted a photo on Twitter of the grocery list she writes for her husband, the internet applauded her dedication. The detailed list contained not only the items needed — it also included color, shape, size, and even little drawings to guide him. The woman knows what she wants, and she doesn't want her husband coming home with the wrong stuff. Pretty sure she's a genius.

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7. Eggplant Bacon

A video demonstrating how to make eggplant taste like bacon made the rounds on social media, and a lot of people were furious. Even though this method is a fun way for vegetarians and vegans to get their fakin' bacon fix, pork purists were outraged at this affront to their favorite breakfast meat.

8. Clear Pumpkin Pie

This clear pumpkin pie, from Alinea in Chicago, took the internet by storm this November. According to chef Simon Davies, the pie filling is made using a rotary evaporator machine, which produces a liquid distillate of whatever flavor you'd like. Yes, that does sound like something from Willy Wonka. And no, it's not just a pumpkin pie jello shot.

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9. Brussels Sprouts Sliders

When the New York Times posted a recipe for these Brussels sprouts "sliders" on their Twitter feed, the internet had a field day. Basically, you slice a Brussels sprout in half and skewer it on a toothpick with a piece of seasoned tempeh in the middle, so it looks like an extremely tiny hamburger. People were not pleased.

(Image credit: @InsiderFood/ Twitter)

10. Egg Yolk Cappuccinos

This drink is made by whisking an egg yolk into strongly brewed espresso. It's served at Round K, a coffee shop in New York City's Lower East Side that specializes in 1950s-style Korean coffees. After INSIDER posted a 90-second video about this egg cappuccino, Twitter users went wild. Would you drink it?

Did you freak out about anything on the internet in 2017?

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