10 Times Pinterest Took Halloween a Little Too Far

(Image credit: Texanerin Baking)

Listen, I’m all for a good gag. Give me some crunchy meringue “bones” or a few mummy-wrapped jalapeño poppers on Halloween, and I’m yours. But there’s a line, folks — a line that should not be crossed, no matter how much you want to win at Halloween. Here are 10 times when my Pinterest browsing made me queasy. Do you dare click through?

1. Bloody Eyeball Brownies from Texanerin Baking

Those eyeballs. Not even for chocolate will I put this in my mouth.

(Image credit: Food Network)

2. Monster Bacon Meatloaf from Food Network

This right here is why I’m no longer allowed to watch “The Walking Dead” before bedtime. (Image from Pinterest.)

(Image credit: Party Tipz)

3. Severed Fingers in a Bun from Party Tipz

It’s never good to think too hard about what’s inside a hotdog — especially not on Halloween, and especially not when they look like this.

(Image credit: Jacqueline Burt Cote on The Stir)

4. Kitty Litter Cake from The Stir

No, no, no, no. No. (No.)

(Image credit: Lina D. on Bored Panda)

5. Barfing Pumpkin from Bored Panda

Barf goes out, not in. Pass.

(Image credit: The 36th Avenue)

6. Halloween Spaghetti from The 36th Avenue

Flying Spaghetti Monster goes to the dark side.

(Image credit: Annie’s Eats)

7. Blood Splatter Cookies from Annie’s Eats

I just can’t with the blood and the splatter. “Dexter” gets the blame for this one.

(Image credit: One Little Project)

8. Bowl of Worms from One Little Project

Gummy worms were practically a food group during my teenage years. But these guys? I … nope.

(Image credit: Lindsey Johnson via Babble)

9. Green Slimed Popcorn from Babble

Mostly I’m just grossed out just thinking about eating this with my fingers (shudder).

(Image credit: Budget101.com)

10. Dried Scabs from Budget 101

The visual here is just a little bit more than my brain — or stomach — can handle.