10 Times a String of Lights Made the Backyard Look Amazing

published Jul 18, 2016
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We have yet to see a backyard, patio, or balcony strung up with strands of globe lights that didn’t make us immediately envious — and these 10 outdoor spaces from Apartment Therapy’s home tours are no exception.

Steal some inspiration before your next summer gathering on how to artfully hang your own lights. No outdoor outlet? No problem. You can even find

solar-powered strands

1. Greenery Glorifier

This lush backyard looks like the perfect place to relax on a summer evening. The string lights add a soft, diffused glow, and we’re guessing those Adirondack chairs are an ideal spot for an evening glass of wine.

2. Eclectic Complement

We’ve yet to see a style that doesn’t work well with a strand or five of globe string lights. This backyard is illuminated both overhead and along the fences for a look that’s funky yet elegant.

3. Organized Illumination

Sometimes it’s best to think in straight lines. With a space this big (in Brooklyn, no less!), keeping parallel lines of lights ensures every corner of the garden is lit up for guests.

4. Small-Space Savior

You don’t have to have a lot of outdoor space to make good use of your string lights. Double or triple up one strand for light bright enough to cozy up with a good book.

5. Stargazing Companion

The outdoor gathering space of this small California inn is exclusively lit by globe lights. And while they keep things bright enough to see, they’re not so luminous that you can’t see the stars.

6. Light Central

If you don’t have a lot of trees or fencing around your backyard, you can still make use of string lights. Use a pole in the middle of the yard and attach the strands like the spokes of a wheel.

7. Creative Chandelier

Replace a traditional light fixture over the outdoor dining table with a strand or two of string lights. You can try zig-zags, stars, or a more wabi-sabi arrangement.

8. Scenery Stealer

Yes, stringing lights over your eating or lounging areas makes a lot of sense, but it’s also nice to add a few extra strands over the garden boxes for some additional ambient lighting. Plus, it extends the hours of the day that you can admire your garden.

9. Boundary Bulbs

While the natural grass fencing provides privacy on this roof deck, it also helps illuminate the space with the attached strands. Affix the lights just below eye level when sitting to provide the right amount of light.

10. High-Low Hanging

Recreate the feeling of a slanted awning over your dining nook by hanging string lights on an angle. Whether you’re going from house to garage or garage to shed, it will add an unexpected depth.

How do you dress up your outdoor space with a string of lights?