10 Things You Might Not Know About Your Kitchen

(Image credit: Ashley Poskin)

Even if you’re a relatively confident cook, there are likely still some things you don’t know about your kitchen — we’re here to demystify all of it. From making sure your fridge is running safely, to knowing the differences between gas and electric ovens, these guides will make you a more informed cook in 2016.

  1. There is a correct way to load your dishwasher: Take a quick look at the manual that came with it to find out if you’ve been doing it wrong.
  2. Your stand mixer will occasionally require some adjustments: Make sure you keep your new appliance in good running order.
  3. Gas ovens have rules of their own: Avoid dark metal trays, and always rotate your pans for even cooking.
  4. Electric ovens have their own set of rules, too: You’ll want to preheat for longer than seems necessary, and make sure to add moisture when needed.
  5. The magnetic knife strip is an unsung hero of the kitchen: There are so many more things it can hold aside from just knives.
  6. More countertop space is within your reach: It just takes some strategic planning to add it to a tiny kitchen.
  7. Many of your favorite kitchen staples can do double duty: Take these 10 staples out of the kitchen and they’ll have a surprising second life.
  8. Pressure cookers are the best way to make a fast dinner: They are great at cutting down on meal times, but aren’t intuitive to use.
  9. It’s crucial to get your fridge right: That means making sure it’s the correct temperature and that it is running efficiently.
  10. Convection ovens are in a class of their own: You’ll have to make a few adjustments to bake in one — starting by lowering the temperature by 25°F.