10 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in a Mason Jar

published Aug 23, 2016
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We all know Mason jars are great for storing spices, salads, and overnight oats, but these handy kitchen classics have quite a few hidden talents that make them even more useful in the kitchen. Just wait until you see what else the Mason jar can do.

1. Use it to transport a single cupcake.

Whether you’re giving it as a gift or just transporting a cupcake for your afternoon snack, put it in a Mason jar to ensure it gets there in one piece. Hold the jar upside down, place the cupcake on the inside of the lid, and then seal the ring around the jar.

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2. Swap for the mug when making desserts and omelets.

The microwave is my not-so-secret weapon for a quick omelet on a hectic weekday morning, or a pudding to satisfy my sweet tooth almost on the spot. But mugs aren’t actually necessary for mug omelets and mug desserts: Swap in a Mason jar and you’ll get the same satisfying result.

3. Shake up a batch of whipped cream.

Keep the stand mixer where it is and save your arm strength for the gym. A Mason jar is your solution for a quick batch of whipped cream.

4. Attach it to the blender and make a smoothie.

If you take your smoothie to go in the morning, you’re going to love this one! It turns out a standard Mason jar can be used in place of the pitcher on most blenders. Unscrew the base from your blender pitcher and you’ll see that the blade fits perfectly onto a standard (not wide-mouth) mason jar and the base screws on to hold it securely.

5. Make it into a condiment dispenser.

Add a super-cute twist to your next barbecue with Mason jar condiment dispensers. You can cut the lids yourself or buy them pre-cut, then insert the pump on top.

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6. Pack it for veggies and dip on the go.

Sturdy and leak-proof, Mason jars are the easiest way to pack veggies and dip together for an on-the-go snack.

7. Use it to grow herbs indoors.

Ready to get started on your indoor herb garden? Pick out your favorite herbs and repurpose Mason jars as your plant pots, using one herb per jar.

8. Make it a cocktail shaker.

Yes, your Mason jar can even play double duty as a cocktail shaker. If you want to get fancy, you can poke holes in the metal seal to make it like a strainer, and you can even buy a special lid if you’re especially committed.

9. Use it as a baking container.

Forget the loaf pans and muffin tins — you can bake quick breads and cupcakes right inside a Mason jar.

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10. Make homemade instant noodle cups.

We have a soft spot for those cups of instant noodle soup. With the help of a few Mason jars, making and storing your own is easy as can be.

Got any other smart tips and uses for that eternal classic the Mason jar?