10 Things To Tickle Your Pickling Pleasures

10 Things To Tickle Your Pickling Pleasures

Sarah Rae Smith
Jul 27, 2010

As the harvest from our gardens, CSA's and Farmer's Markets start to roll in, it's easy to find yourself with an abundance of bounty. If you can't quite finish them all off in other meals, try one of these 10 quick pickle recipes — and not all of them are vegetables!

If we had to name one type of food that always sounds delicious it would be pickles! Although we're not always in the mood for a cucumber per say, we're always feeling like a little vinegar and garlic pick me up. Our true love is pickled carrots and runner up is the first one below — pickled eggs!

Pictured Above Left To Right, Top To Bottom
1. Two Recipes For Pickled Eggs: We tried both these recipes within hours of them being posted and we can assure you, this is time well spent! Tasty snack? Yes please!
2. Easy Japanese Pickled Cucumber: These pickles feel familiar with an Asian twist!
3. Ann's Pickled Cauliflower and Purple Cabbage: These brightly colored bits are hot and spicy, not to mention delicious!
4. Pickled Beets: Pickling beets is a great way to warm yourself to this root veggie, just in case you're not already addicted!
5. How To Make Sauerkraut: Homemade is far superior to store bought, give this one a try for sure!
6. Aunt Lorraine's Refrigerator Pickles: Dead simple, super fast and oh so satisfying!
7. Quick-Pickled Cherry Peppers: These plump snacks are great on their own, with other finger foods or in front of an open fridge at 2am in your pjs!
8. The Zuni Pink Pickled Onions: If you're a first time pickle-r, this is a great starter recipe that's sure to woo you to the art!
9. Quick Radish Pickles: Although radishes might have passed their prime in your part of the country, they're bountiful in others and this looks like a great way to keep them for a little while longer.
10. How To Make Dill Pickles: Although this one went unpictured, we figured most everyone had seen a traditional, crunchy dill spear before. The question is, have you made your own (and then drank the juice!)?

What's your favorite pickled item? Let us know below!

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