10 Grocery Deals to Stock Up on Before the Holidays Are Over

published Dec 17, 2014
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The holidays often usher in a surplus of grocery items that we don’t normally get a chance to purchase at low prices. As much as I want to start karate-chopping my way through the crowds packed into the holiday baking aisle, I’ll brave the hordes to take advantage of good deals on these staples.

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1. Butter: It freezes like a champ and right now it’s officially the cheapest it will be all year long.

2. Parchment paper and muffin cups: Who cares if they’re red and green? They’ll look like Valentine’s Day and spring down the line. Grab all that you can.

3. Vegetable and chicken stocks: Although it’s easy enough to make your own, many stores have it priced cheap and there are usually manufacturers’ or store coupons to double up on too!

4. Canned soups: Soups in general are on sale all winter long, but they usually take a deeper discount through the holiday season and are a great pantry staple.

5. Ground turkey: Many grocery stores will discount turkey super cheap, butcher their meat and make ground turkey in-house. Turkey burgers for later? Absolutely!

6. Berries: Through the holiday season, many grocers will run one-day deep discount sales on berries and other fruit. Be ready to wash and freeze for a winter full of amazing smoothies!

7. Wine: It doesn’t matter if you’re drinking with it or cooking with it, discounts on wine are plentiful this time of year. Stock up and be ready for company or chicken Marsala anytime!

8. Frozen seafood: Although this time of year we’re usually springing for the more expensive, fresh varieties of seafood, the frozen stuff is on sale! Look for easy price points like $10/bag of shrimp or tilapia. Perfect for a quick stir-fry or easy weeknight meal.

9. Baking basics: Flour, sugar, brown sugar, powdered sugar — is it made of sugar? Then YES! Watch for all these pantry staples to be on deep discounts, and since they’ll hold for the year over, there’s no reason not to do a little stocking up! Pro tip: Stock up on gluten-free flours too!

10. Frozen vegetables: We’re not really sure why, but you can often find frozen vegetables, depending on where you live, for around $0.80 per bag!

Do you have a favorite holiday sale essential that you hoard (we mean stock up on) this time of year? Share your favorites and why in the comments below!