10 Things to Eliminate from Your Kitchen Right Now

updated May 4, 2022
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What do you feel when you walk into your kitchen? Do you get excited at the prospect of a new project of a delicious meal, or do you feel dread looking at all the clutter and broken tools? If you identify with the latter, it’s time to feel the purge. Consider eliminating these 10 things that don’t belong in your kitchen tonight. Whether you donate or toss them, you’ll feel a little relief every time you walk into your kitchen.

1. That one hand-me-down appliance you never use.

It was super sweet that your old roommate gave you that slow cooker, but you haven’t used it since she left and that was, like, three years ago. It’s time to accept the fact that you’re never going to use the thing and give it to someone who will.

2. Busted drawer organizers.

Every time I open my silverware drawer and see that ugly, plastic, semi-broken IKEA drawer organizer, I feel like I lose a part of my soul. No more! Get rid of the organizer, and if you’re in need of a quick fix, go the DIY way.

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3. Cracked or unused glasses and mugs.

If you haven’t used a cup or mug in over a year, it’s time for it to go. And if it’s cracked? Don’t let nostalgia stop you from throwing it away. Make room for all the things you actually use and love in your kitchen.

4. Gross sponges.

When was the last time you changed your sponge? If the answer is “I don’t remember” or it just smells, maybe it’s time to get a new one. You don’t want to clean your dishes or countertops with something that is already dirty, anyway.

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5. Plastic containers.

How many plastic containers do you have in your kitchen at this very moment? It’s time to get rid of the old, cracked, and discolored Tupperware you’ve been hoarding. And if your Tupperware doesn’t have a lid, get rid of that too.

6. Anything dated on the front of your fridge.

Forget to take down old wedding invitations? Or that baby shower invite? Now is the time to tackle your fridge with wild abandon and take down anything that is no longer

7. Takeout chopsticks, condiment packets, and menus.

How many times have you kept the cheap wood chopsticks and condiment packets from your takeout dinner because “maybe” you would use them one day? You’re not going to use them. Throw them away. And that paper menu you have laying around? Put that in the recycling — you can look at a digital copy if you need to.

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8. Extra measuring cups.

So your friends and family know you like to cook, and thus every holiday they get you either measuring cups or an apron, right? It’s time to ditch some of the extra measuring cups you have in the kitchen that you don’t use. You know the ones.

9. Beer koozies.

That beer koozie you got as a wedding favor a couple years ago might bring back some fun memories, but let’s get real: Are you ever going to use one of these things? Unless you’re an avid collector, it’s time to ditch your stash of ugly beer koozies.

10. Old water bottles.

It might seem like a waste to get rid of an old water bottle that’s still perfectly functional, but it’s best to listen to Marie Kondo on this one. If you have a new one (or a couple new ones) and haven’t used one of your water bottles in quite some time, it’s time to ditch the thing.