10 Things to Do with Roasted Marshmallows When You Kinda Don’t Like S’mores

(Image credit: Kelli Foster)

Roasted marshmallows — with their crisp, toasty outside and soft, gooey inside — are one of summer’s sweetest indulgences. S’mores are usually our reason for preparing them, but perhaps you’re not jumping to grab the graham crackers and chocolate from the pantry. Don’t worry — even if s’mores aren’t your thing, there are plenty sweet ways to eat your fill of roasted marshmallows this summer.

1. Swirl into softened ice cream.

Let purchased ice cream sit out for a few minutes until it reaches a soft, smooth consistency, and then swirl in a few roasted marshmallows. Stick it back in the freezer for a few minutes to firm back up.

2. Blend into a milkshake.

Roasted marshmallows are right up there with dropping a slice of pie into your milkshake. Along with a sweet boost, it brings a smoky hint to your shake. Try it with a plain vanilla or chocolate to really taste its effect.

3. Add to your coffee.

Ready to turn your coffee into a real treat? Swirl in a couple roasted marshmallows to make it creamy and sweet. We do it with hot cocoa, so why not coffee?

4. Make a fluffernutter sandwich.

You might not be into s’mores, but this take on a fluffernutter sandwich is totally worth getting behind. Instead of graham crackers and chocolate, spread a thick layer of nut butter plus a healthy dose of roasted marshmallows between two slices of your favorite bread. Don’t like nut butter? Swap it for Nutella.

5. Give Rice Krispies treats a roasted upgrade.

It’s hard to beat the satisfaction of a sweet, buttery Rice Krispies treat. That is, until roasted marshmallows are involved. If you thought plain marshmallows were amazing, just wait until you mix in their roasted counterparts.

6. Top a strawberry shortcake.

We usually use whipped cream for filling and topping strawberry shortcake, but smoky, roasted marshmallows make a fun and impressive alternative.

7. Serve atop pancakes and waffles.

Go ahead, bring a little dessert to the breakfast table. You can leave the maple syrup where it is, or double down for an ultra-sweet breakfast treat.

8. Top with fresh berries.

If you love berries and cream, I’m sure you’re going to really love this swap. It’s sweet, gooey, and flavorful.

9. Top a baked sweet potato.

It doesn’t need to be Thanksgiving to enjoy sweet potatoes and marshmallows. Use roasted marshmallows as a topping for a baked (or twice-baked!) potato.

10. Just eat them plain.

And when all else fails, just pop those sweet roasted marshmallows into your mouth one after another!